Best Ways to Travel The Caribbean Islands

With more than 7000 islands, each one an alluring pocket of paradise, the Caribbean is truly an incredible destination for any traveller.

Step on board a cruise liner for the most luxurious way to see the sites, and make stops in Barbados, Grenada and Dominica. Obviously, feeling the warm sand between your toes is like heaven, and you will want to set aside copious time for basking on the beach and strolling by the shores, but don’t take for granted what else the Caribbean Islands have to offer.


Bountiful Barbados

Hunte’s Gardens in Castle Grant, Barbados, is a lush green Eden of flowers, fruits and hummingbirds. Enthusiasts of architecture and rum will enjoy the distillery in the grounds of St. Nicholas Abbey, and be sure to visit Harrison’s Cave for spectacular, other-wordly surroundings.

Barbados has good bus services, stopping at all the major tourist spots. Or you could surf your way from one spot to the next!

Gorgeous Grenada

If you look up “unspoilt” in the dictionary, expect to see a technicolour photo of Grenada. Nature comes alive on this gorgeous island, and you won’t even need to open your wallet to immerse yourself in the glorious abundance. If you think it’s pampering to have a good hotel shower, wait until you take a dip in one of Grenada’s waterfalls. Reinvigorate your senses in the Annandale Waterfalls, surrounded by ferns and the rushing of water. Does life get any better than this?

Renting a car is the best way to see the island in full, as it’s very mountainous. Only the bravest, fittest cyclists should attempt it by bike!


Dazzling Dominica

Animal lovers will rejoice at the opportunities to see beautiful creatures in their natural habitats. Whale watching, turtle watching and dolphin watching are all peaceful pursuits, with whale watching being a particular feature of Dominica, as it’s the only country where the sperm whale resides all year round.

The tourist board helpfully recommend using official taxi drivers with an ID card and a ‘Discover Dominica Authority’ sticker.

Sensational St. Lucia

If you were given the chance to bake yourself in a volcanic mud bath, inside an actual (exctinct) volcano, would you do it? Oh yes, with its segway tours, treetop adventure park, guided trails along the mountains and wild street parties, St. Lucia is the island for adventurers.

Buses aren’t your best bet here as they are expensive and sporadic, so rent yourself a sturdy 4×4 for all those real-life contour lines, or trust an experienced local and hop into a taxi instead.

Got your passport ready?
Check out the Caribbean cruises from P&O, Virgin, Royal Caribbean and Thomson, amongst others, to choose the cruise to suit you. Research your destinations online so you can make the most of the time while you’re there, fitting in all the ‘must-do’ activities. Pack your suncream, sort some good cruise travel insurance, and sail off into the sunset.


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