Better Ways To Use Your Phone On The Daily Commute

We all commute on a regular basis, whether it’s bi weekly or daily, and that means we spend a lot of time stationary on a train, bus, or behind a wheel. So we’ve talked about what apps to use to make travelling long, very long, distances more of a comfortable experience, but what about the daily grind?

Run Some Admin

If you want to be more productive with your time, as you feel your commute means your daily productivity is cut down by at least 30%, try out some apps that make organising a lot easier to do when you’re bumping around on the road.

If you’ve just settled down into your seat on the train, and you’ve got 15 to 20 minutes until you reach your destination, make your to do list for the day! It’s easy when you have an app on your side to record everything for you and keep it in an ordered fashion and sync it between all the devices you own. Never miss an appointment again when your to do list is the first stop on your to do list for the day!

On the other hand, you can set up and check off some goals you’ve made for yourself with apps like that of This allows you to simply write down the things you want to get done for yourself on a long term basis, and even share them with a community if you feel so inclined to receive some support from people just like you. It’d be nice to open a message first thing in the morning when it’s early and you’re not feeling your best that offers hope and kind words!

Pop Your Headphones In

Instead of using them to listen to music though, use them to learn something new or have a laugh with your favorite personalities. Having an audiobook or a podcast downloaded to your device to listen to whenever you want means you can be swept away into a whole ‘nother world all at once with a few spoken words. Thank you Shakespeare for making them so powerful!

It’s also a good way to rest your eyes and focus on your surroundings instead of staring at a screen for an entire half hour. Watch the hills and fields roll by as your favorite author speaks directly to you, or you discover something topical you never would have been interested in unless someone placed the right intonation on it.

On the other hand, use your headphones to truly enjoy a gaming experience! Character dialogue and OSTs are always something worth listening to. Simply put, the soundtracks behind programs like the FFXV strategy game are some of the best songs to be heard in the background of a game, and you could always discover a new band to enjoy in your spare time.

For a Hands Free Experience

If you’re an experienced driver, and of course you can’t ever use your phone with your hands behind the wheel, there’s stuff out there for you to indulge in as well! Some people travel exclusively in their cars, and thus using any of these apps can be waylaid by the need to be safe on the road. Don’t worry, developers have you in mind when designing their apps as well!

In the most basic form, staying connected to all those people who need to reach you whilst you’re driving can be done via voice control with multiple apps, such as My Motospeak which allow you to hear messages and send them with your voice as well. You can easily dial someone when you have a sense of artificial intelligence in the background to do the hard work for you.

You can even use your phone to navigate for you, and no not just via the maps software that requires a hefty part of a 4G bill. Download more traditional methods to your phone, such as the TomTom app and no longer have a big and bulky satnav device attached to your windshield, possibly obscuring the view. Finding your way on unknown streets just got a whole lot easier for anyone behind the wheel when you’re off on a long distance.

So there are many ways to use your phone whilst you’re commuting, and there’s plenty of apps out there to service you no matter the transport you’re on. If you’re a commuter, look into these and loads more to make the time go faster, and keep your brain on track.

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