Bosses Remember These Things!

You may think that if someone has got to a position where they are running a company, then they are suitable qualified and capable for the job. But big bosses make mistakes too and sometimes they even forget some of the essentials of running a business that they really shouldn’t. Read on to find out what they are and how you can avoid them in your own business venture.

Employees are people too

The number one issue that bosses can forget sometimes is that their employees are people too.

Its really easily to get in the mindset of being the boss and asking people to do things all of the time that are above and beyond the call of duty. Of course, it great when you can rely on someone in a crisis, but constantly asking for extra, for no pay or recognition can quickly turn people off of their jobs, as well as working for you.


Remember employees are people too. They have families that they want to go home and see every night. They have bad days, so be mindful of how much you ask of them.

A thank you goes a long way

Another thing that it is easy to forget when you are the top is how powerful a ‘thank you’ can be. Not a raise, not a bonus, not a medal, just a simple thank you.

Some bosses may think that it’s not a phrase they should be uttering because they are paying people to do their jobs. So they shouldn’t need to thank anyone. But it’s not just about doing the job, it’s about being motivated and valued as well, and that is something that you can encourage by being thankful for the effort that your staff put in.


Insurance is everything

Something else that it is easy to forget when you have a business to run is insurance. This is a vital aspect of any business. Not only does it protect you and your employees, but it ask can help to protect your assets and stop you from losing out big if the worst does happen.

Of course, the type of insurance that you need will be particular to the industry that you are in. If you are working with vehicles in a commercial way, then you may need motor trade insurance, like the policies that companies such as One Sure Insurance offer. Or, if you are opening a shop or public space you will need liability insurance to cover any accident that may occur at your location.

Advertising works

Lastly, too many bosses forgot the simple value of advertising for bringing in increased revenue. Yes, of course, it’s a speculate to accumulate late situation, and some can be put off by the initial out lay that they have to make. But unless you can be super intelligent and get a bit of free publicity in the local paper you are going to need it.

Remember having your company’s name in people’s mind is worth the costs because if they don’t know that you are there, then how will they be able to buy from you?

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