Bouncing Back From A Sudden Job Loss

Even though we’re well past the last recession, countless people still find themselves suddenly unemployed every year, and just as many go to bed every night fearing for the security of their jobs. If you’ve found yourself suddenly unemployed by a nasty twist of fate, you may feel terrible, but all is not lost! Here are some of my best tips for recovering from the shock, and then bouncing back in the best way possible.

Stay Calm

This may sound impractical, but it’s one of the most important things to do when you suddenly find yourself out of work. The worst career decisions people make are often the result of intense pressure, stress and anxiety. Try to keep your mind from going to any rash or irrational places. Keep on top of the situation, and make a firm commitment to making it through this setback in the best way possible. Try to get a clear sense of what your sudden unemployment actually means to you, and what repercussions you have further down the line. Consider your backup plans and assess how solid they are. If you already have some kind of safety net in place, take some solace in the fact that you’ve prepared yourself against this kind of turbulence.

Look at your Finances

Having made a point to get your thoughts calm and collected, the next most important thing you have to do is take a good look at your personal finances. If you know any advisors or financial consultants, get into contact with them and explain what’s happened. They’ll know all the right questions to ask you in order to get a clear picture of your situation. Whether you have professional counsel at your fingertips or not, you should take a careful look at your severance pay, and benefits packages that you may be able to lean on from your previous job. In some cases, you may even need to get into contact with legal or financial professionals to get through this disaster relatively unscathed. For example, employee injuries at work require the best injury lawyer. If the job you just loss represented your main source of income, then obviously there’s going to be some rough waters ahead. Understanding the situation now will help you prepare for future difficulties.

Maintain your Network

You probably have a lot of colleagues, supporters and friends who can help you through this career setback. Go through your contacts on social media, your phone and your email, and see if there’s anyone in your inner circle and your wider professional network who may be of some assistance. You can even reach out to your immediate family and extended relations, as you never know where great opportunities can come from. Even if someone you know can’t help you directly, you should ask if they’ve heard about any prospective leads from other sources. Update all of your online profiles, and let everyone know you’re looking for a new job. Working opportunities are more accessible than ever these days, so start selling yourself!

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