Camping Comforts: Boost Your Camping Experience with These Luxury Items

Camping can be one of the most exciting outdoor activities to take your friends and family on, but it can also be one of the most frustrating if you don’t properly plan for all the situations you can get into. Everyone knows about camping basics such as a tent, sleeping bag and something to make a fire with, but there are hundreds of more accessories you can get to make your camping experience more luxurious and enjoyable.

To give you an idea about all the different items you can buy, here’s a list of some luxury camping items that can give your next trip into the wild a much-needed boost.


Most people just bring a couple of budget sleeping bags when they go camping. You wrap yourselves up in the bags, perhaps take a pillow or form a makeshift one with the help of some blankets and clothes, then you huddle up inside of a tent (or outside of one if you’re feeling brave) and go to sleep. However, it’s not the most comfortable way to spend a night sleeping and we can often wake up sore because of the hard ground.

If you’re tired of sleeping on cold hard surfaces then you might want to consider an airbed. These inflatable wonders are easy to set up and you can even lift them off the ground with the help of some stands. If you lift these off the ground with some included apparatus, you can store items and equipment underneath the airbed. Some of them come with additional side tables as well, and you can buy various sizes to accommodate your body size or family members.

If you want to add even more luxury to your sleeping arrangements, you can buy a foam air mattress topper to add extra comfort to your nights in the outdoors. These thin pads are specially made for airbeds and work wonders to add an extra level of comfort to the beds. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need a larger tent if you want to store an airbed inside of it.

Cooking Gear

When we go camping, the most common way of cooking is to just have a campfire with a stove on top of it. The equipment can be flimsy, there isn’t much option in what you want to cook, and you’ll probably end up heating some canned foods or chowing down on protein bars until you get back to civilisation. Minimalist eating and survival foods embody the spirit of camping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook a decent meal out in the open.

You can find plenty of delicious cast iron dutch oven recipes on the internet. With the help of a well seasoned dutch oven, you’ll have some cooking equipment that will last you for countless camping trips and with so many easy recipes, you’ll be ditching the canned foods and snack bars in favour of hot, delicious home-cooked meals while you’re away from home.

But don’t forget your drinks either! If you’re camping in the baking sun, then you’ll want to carry a drinks cooler and load it with ice. The ice will probably melt during the trip, but as long as you keep it out of the sun and manage to bring along some ice cold drinks, you’ll be glad you brought it along. You don’t have to buy just a drinks cooler either. If you plan to take meats and other ingredients with you, then you can treat the cooler like a fridge and keep your produce fresh before you cook it.

Extra Clothing and Accessories

One of the many luxuries we neglect to take with us on a trip is an extra set of clothes. If you expect it to rain then you’d be wise to carry some extra waterproof clothing and spare garments to change into if you’re soaked. If it’s hot, then the extra sweat will seep into your clothes and make you feel stuffy, which is when an extra set of clothes can come in handy.

There’s a lot of backpacking chic that can also be taken along on our camping trips. For example, some makeup if you plan to look great when you pose for selfies and pictures, or a comfortable and cute pair of shoes to wear when you’re not hiking around and exploring nature.

If you want even more comfort in addition to an airbed when you go to sleep, then bring a soft pair of pyjamas too. Be warned, though, the fewer layers mean you might be a little colder during the night, so be sure to pack thick pyjamas or wrap yourself properly in your blankets and covers.

Portable Toilet

If you’ve been camping and had to designate a certain spot for people to do their business, then you’ll also know the struggle of trying to remember where that spot is so that you don’t accidentally step into someone’s business. You can set up signs, make an enclosure and have it far enough so that the smell doesn’t waft into your camping site, but there’s a less smelly option for people relieve themselves.

Camping outside doesn’t mean you have to be unhygienic. Unless you like to do your business in a ditch, how about investing in a portable toilet? If you’re camping away from restrooms then a portable toilet is the ideal solution to carry around with you. They’re easy to clean, they’re a lot more hygienic, and if placed in the right location behind a tree or surrounded by some kind of bushes, they’re private and comfortable as well.

Portable Shower

When it comes to camping hygiene, nothing is as comfortable as a hot shower. Invest in a shower tent, some soap and a portable water heater and you’re in business. Pamper yourself in the mornings with a hot shower and the same soaps that you use at home to lift your spirits before you tackle a day of fishing, hiking or just lounging in your tent. It’s a great way to stay clean and beats out the cold showers or disposable shower bags that campers usually rely on.


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