Capital Living: What To Do In The Big Cities

The city break is a fantastic way to get away from life stresses and dip your toe into a little bit of foreign culture.  A capital city is usually the centre of business, art, performance, food and architecture so will give you the opportunity to understand a country before making the investment of a longer holiday.  Across the world there are some incredible cities that should make it to all travellers bucket list, we’ve pulled together a few to wet your appetite and inspire your next weekend break.

London, United Kingdom

London has been at the top of most power lists for hundreds of years.  Whilst the country itself is tiny, in comparison to most others, London is a powerhouse of culture.  With a busy business heart and a vibrant cultural soul, you will find something to inspire you whatever your passion.

Cutting straight through the middle of London is The River Thames, winding its way to the Kent coast, you will see some incredibly dramatic bridges along the way.  The best way to see it is with a Thames dinner cruise where you can enjoy some of the city’s best cuisine whilst taking in the sights, such as The Shard, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and The London Eye.


New York, United States of America

New York is the world’s most culturally diverse city and known in business as the most powerful city on earth.  You can get a taste for this by spending an afternoon on Wall Street where you could almost feel you are on pause whilst the rest of the world is on fast forward.  This city never stops.

Finding yourself surrounded by megastructures, if you have a love of architecture then you must visit New York to see the amazing skyline.  For a little contrast you could take a horse and carriage through central park, an incredible slice of green amongst the hustle and bustle of city live.

Berlin, Germany

Germany is a country known for many things.  Obviously there is a lot of WWII history and the capital of Berlin certainly doesn’t shy away from that.  Buildings still show the scars of war and although there are some splendid demonstrations of modern architecture here, it is the historic buildings that will remind you of the past and inspire you too, Germany has rebuilt and is now a vibrant city full of passionate and creative people.

The Jüdisches Museum presents the story of Berlin’s Jewish population through the Museum’s own architecture. The newest and most eye-grabbing section of the building was designed by controversial Jewish architect Daniel Libeskind. Its shape is based on an exploding Star of David, with its interior spaces disappearing into angles.  This is a historic destination which will leave you feeling calm and reflective.

There are hundreds of list worthy cities such as Paris, Tokyo, Rome and Madrid.  So you don’t have to stick to the ones we have demonstrated here.  but head off to one of these and extend your cultural knowledge, you will find something unique in each city and further your knowledge of how people have made this world so special.

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