Capturing Holiday Memories

The best thing about going traveling is all those amazing memories you get to make. With so many stunning sights to see, new delicacies to sample and people to meet, holding on to all those memories in your head can be tough. Here’s a few ideas to make sure you preserve those wonderful pictures and mementos for years to come:


Take a journal

One of the best ways to capture all your holiday memories is by taking a journal and making a diary entry each day. Although it can be time consuming it can also feel really liberating and fun to sit down at the end of each day and record what you’ve done. There are some amazing journals at Paperchase that look really pretty and some with travel inspired backgrounds so you can make your journal into a really nice keepsake for years to come. Remember to leave spaces between the pages to stick all your amazing photographs in when you return, you could also save bus tickets and entrance tickets and stick those in too.

Start a blog

If taking a journal is too old fashioned, why not start up a travel blog and record your experiences each day. That way you’ll be able to link it to friends and family so they can see what you’ve been up to and you’ll be able to keep a digital record of it forever. With a blog, you’ll also be able to instantly upload all your photos and videos from each day and instantly record things as they happen.


Invest in a new camera

Most people use their phones as a camera now instead of taking a proper one. When you go travelling or on holiday it’s vital that you have a decent camera so you can capture all the amazing colours and sights in amazing high quality. The new Canon Powershot SX400 is perfect for taking on holiday as it’s an amazing high quality camera that’s really portable and user friendly with an amazing zoom lens,. There’s a great competition to win one over at Columbus Direct, so enter today and get that great shot from a distance.

There are so many ways to capture your memories that it’s easier than ever to record and keep hold of everything. From old fashioned journals to blogs and using digital technology to keep hold of and share all your pictures, it’s easier than ever before.


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