Cheap Ways You Can Personalise Your Home

to reflect at least a bit of who we are. We like to fill our home with little trifles that show some parts of our own personality and style, but sometimes, even that can get expensive. Luckily though, there are many other ways in which you can personalise your home without having to spend a fortune on this and the following tips are really great to follow when you want to do this.


Your Photos
There is nothing to say more about who you are and what your life has been so far than your photos. Since we mostly rely on digital photography these days, we seem to have forgotten just how much some family photos or some travel photos can add to a home. Print out your best ones, frame them with some that suit your style and your home’s décor and you’ve got yourself some decorative items that say more about you than a thousand words could. Inexpensive and beautiful, these photos can make your home feel cosier and more familiar!

Let Colour Come In
One mistake many people make when decorating their homes is trying to mix and match everything to perfection. The days when red heels went only with red nail polish and red lips are gone though and now both fashion trends and home design trends allow you to play with colour just as much as you want to. Use nudes and basic colours for the big items and throw around some colourful pillows and home accessories that will really add a sparkle of beauty and joy to a room.


Decorate Your Bathroom
We seem to sometimes forget about the fact that our bathroom is part of our homes too and that they deserve our undivided attention as well. Decorate your bathroom with some really nice items that suit it perfectly: the toothbrush glass, the switch plate covers, the soap holder, the laundry bin – everything in your bathroom can look pretty and it can reflect a bit the things you love in life, so why not do it? These are really inexpensive things and they will work very well even in the dullest and least expensive bathrooms out there.

Do It Yourself
Do you like to sew? To paint? To play with clay? To make collages and decoupage art? Do you like making soaps or arranging flowers in an artistic way? If you have a hobby you love, then why not bring it into your home’s décor too? Even when they are not of the highest quality or artistry, these things you did yourself can really make your home speak about you and who you really are. A painting made by you, a vase decorated by you or a soap arrangement in your bathroom that will look original and beautiful at the same time – the key to creating a personalised home lies in the small details such as these ones!

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