Choosing A Career: Fill The Gap In The Market

In a highly competitive business world, which only narrows and thins as the number of competitors increases year by year and the economy continues to look a little unstable, the thought of joining the working world can be rather daunting. Even if you do find a suitable career, the fear plaguing your mind is likely whether such a career has long-term prospects, financial stability and whether you’ll be outmatched by your peers who might be competing for the most desirable roles.

The key to succeeding as an individual striving to master their desired career is to be as individual as possible. Think about yourself as a business. The most successful companies within any industry succeed by taking a step outside the competition to stand out in a crowd of similar products, services and brands. Much like those unique businesses, you must find your niche; you must stand out from the crowd. To do so, you need a skill set which very few others can claim to have. I’m going to give you some advice on achieving that goal by talking about some very unique careers which are in high demand from numerous businesses.

Calling all creatives.

I’m sure at school you were told that creativity doesn’t gel with the business world. You were likely told that art and music are all very pretty, but only a select few truly make it as successful creatives in the sense of profiting from their work. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Perhaps you won’t have a career which resembles that of Van Gogh or Beethoven, but you might stand more of a chance of paving a successful, long-term career for yourself as a graphic designer, for example, than one of many bankers in a highly competitive financial firm.

This is just an example, of course, but my point is that businesses seek unique and creative talent. The gaps in the market, as far as careers are concerned, are those job roles which companies struggle to fill because very few people have the skills necessary for them. Millions of people are skilled with numbers, sciences or other technical abilities, but how many people truly have an eye for great design, writing with flair or creating beautiful music? You could be designing adverts for a big corporation or writing jingles for radio shows. The possibilities only stop at you.

Technical, technological careers.

Of course, there are technical careers out there which are equally undermanned in the current age. The technology industry is huge, and every single business on the planet requires technological devices, software and the internet to some extent. You’d think, then, that these industries were vastly overcrowded with professionals, but, yet again, because there are so many specific and unique areas of this industry, there are so many gaps in the career market which need to be filled.

You could get yourself an information assurance degree, for example, and master the art of cyber security. This is just one example of many when it comes to areas of technology that are highly important and, in some cases, integral to the operation of many businesses, yet are vastly undermanned in terms of the number of professionals with such specific skills

Ask yourself where your skills lie.

If you want to succeed in your career, you have to figure out what you truly want from it. Look at your skill set and run wild with it. If you have a talent, you should be honing in on it and striving to improve day in and out. You should be becoming the best you can be at one specific, focused thing, because that’s how you stand out from the competition. You carve a niche for yourself.

Don’t discount more traditional jobs, we’re always going to need Doctors and nurses – at least for the immediate future, so a Nursing degree is a great way to ensure a solid career with a great salary.


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