Common Computer Issues and How To Fix Them

Today we are going to talk about some of the most common issues with windows computers and how to solve these problems. Technology is one of the greatest joys of modern life because it allows us to have a world full of knowledge at the click of a button, however sometimes technology doesn’t quite do what we want it to.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Most of the time the most simple thing you can do is the most effective. By turning off your computer you are giving the computer chance to reload and rest to its normal settings. It will very often be the magic key to solving your issues and starting fresh. If turning the computer off and on again isn’t quite doing the trick, you can always try installing the latest driver instead. If you aren’t sure how, you can contact Carden IT Support to give you advice.

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Slow computer

When your computer seems to be running a lot slower than usually, you need to find the root cause of this before you can solve the issue. For example if you use Google Chrome as your browser, you may experience a slow machine because Google gobbles up your memory as it runs, making everything else struggle to cope. Sometimes the issue will simply be that you have too many files on your computer and you need to clear some of the files and media to make room for the system to work at full capacity. It could also be an issue with your internet connection, so take some time to check if there seems to be anything going on with your connection.

Long download times

When a 5 minute video is taking an hour to download, you know that there is an issue with your speed. Speedtest is a great tool to use to check what your download and upload speed is currently. Check what your speeds are and they should be at least half of what your internet provider has quote you. If it isn’t you will need to contact your internet provider to see what going on.

Your computer restarts often

It is always more difficult to delve into issues with the hardware of your machine. If your computer does keep restarting by itself, make sure that your windows is totally updated. You will then need to look at updating your graphics card, motherboard and network drivers.

Pop-Ups on the desktop

If you ever find that you are getting pop-ups even when you are not using the internet, you may have accidentally installed adware without realising it. This is a type of software which shows you ads your don’t want. If you have done this you will need to get rid of it as quickly as you can because it can harm your machine.

Wifi Issues

If your wifi is playing up or it won’t connect at all, you need to check whether it is the server, the router or your device. You can do this by looking on Windows Network Diagnostics. Most of the time this will solve your issue, if it doesn’t you might want to call your provider.

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