Coolest New Upgrades For Your New Build

Just when you have finished building your house and have spent a fortune, there is always something new that comes along that you wish you had incorporated into it. If you are a builder trying to set yourself apart from the pack, adding those little extras that give a high-end feel without costing a whole lot in labor are the way to go. These are the coolest new gadgets every home builder in Winnipeg are installing to wow potential buyers and make them think they got way more than they bargained for.

There are little extras that you can add to your new build that will leave an amazing impression on your clients. These small conveniences can add up to huge favorability:

USB wall charger

There isn’t a homebuyer who isn’t plugged in and typically out of juice. As a homeowner, there are few things worse than continually looking for charger parts or having cords extending everywhere. New USB wall chargers can be installed in the wall electric socket itself so that no matter what device or cord you use, there is a space nearby. No more looking for plugs — you can plug it right in just about anywhere you look. From your bedroom to your bedroom wall outlet, there is no shortage of places to charge your devices.


Steam shower

Nothing can melt a bad day away or loosen up those muscles in the morning better than a steam shower. They’re not a big cost at all, and you can make the master bathroom spectacular by adding a steam apparatus to any shower. All you need are tight corners and a shower that feels high-end to make the house feel way more elegant. The best part about selling a steam shower to your clients is that they aren’t just incredibly luxurious, they are environmentally-friendly — a win-win.

Impact and noise-resistant windows

Originally created for storm- and hurricane-prone areas, impact-rated windows were created not only to help keep your home safe in inclement weather; they also provide excellent noise pollution control. The windows aren’t something that most builders push, but the additional cost of impact-resistant windows, well makes up for their weather and noise-reduction protection.

Outdoor theater

For the past decade one of the biggest trends has been having a media or theater room located indoors. As somewhere that’s sheltered, there is no doubt a media room is a selling point to the person looking for a comfortable way to watch indoor movies. But an outdoor theater costs less and is even more unique. If you want to impress the homeowner and add a little extra “ultra” cool, then install an outdoor theater so they can enjoy their movies in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Floor drains

Not many people think of floor drains when they are designing a high-end home. But just like the Jeep that has a floor plug on the floor to drain in case of accidents, floor drains are an excellent feature for people who live in flood-prone areas. It’s a whole lot better than having to hire a pump or hauling the water by hand; a floor drain can take care of a disaster without trouble. It also adds ease to using a hose for cleaning.

Under-floor shelving

If you want to make sure to maximize all the space in your home build or remodel, then add some shelving underneath the stairs. While the underside of a staircase has an often- underestimated amount of space, it can provide the homeowner additional footage and a great place to house and display their valuables.

Keyless entry

If it is the pantry or the front door, adding keyless entry door knobs, remote wireless doorbells and cameras, and smart house technology will cost you very little as a builder but will make a huge impression on the homeowner. If something is convenient, doesn’t cost you much installation time, and increases the convenience and “cool” factor, it is a no-brainer to include it.

With so much competition for new builds and spec homes, adding the little things that mean so much and cost so little can increase your profitability tenfold. Those little extras go a long way in gaining you huge profits and customer appreciation.

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