Cottage Charm: Create the Perfect Cottage Garden

A cottage garden uses a classic, relaxed style that can brighten up any home. It’s also a relatively easy style to emulate, with lots of ways you can make it your own. If you’re considering a cottage garden, it doesn’t take much to get started. You don’t have to have the precision you might use for a more formal garden. You can focus on color and enthusiasm for a cheerful space. There aren’t many rules you have to follow so you can do your own thing for the most part. Whether you use the front, back or side of your house, create a cottage garden with these tips.


Choose Fun, Low-maintenance Plants

The first thing you will want to think about is your choice of plants. You don’t have to stick to anything in particular when you’re choosing. It’s a good idea to go for hardy plants that you won’t have to pay attention to. You can also think about picking plants that will fill in lots of space. You don’t want big bare patches in your cottage garden. Look for bright colors and choose the plants that you love. You might choose some traditional flowers, such as lavender or foxglove. Don’t forget to fill in your flowers with foliage so that you have plenty of greenery too. Get some height into your garden as well to give it the look of a meadow.

Add a Traditional Greenhouse

If you want to add a structure to your garden, a greenhouse is an excellent idea. It’s both practical and attractive, adding something special to your cottage garden. You can choose from traditional 6×8 greenhouses, the standard size. Of course, if you have a smaller garden, you can choose something little. Or you might want something larger if you’re a particularly keen gardener. If you don’t feel like a greenhouse, a shed could also be a good idea. You can keep tools and other items inside so that you can keep the garden tidy.


Have a Winding Garden Path

You need to be able to walk among your flowering plants. When you plan the landscape of your cottage garden, think about a path in between your plants. A gravel path could be a great choice, but you could also opt for paving or even bark. Since it’s not a formal garden, don’t feel that you have to have a straight and formal path. You could choose to have a winding, twisty path that snakes through your garden.

Create a Secluded Area

A cottage garden is ideal for creating a tranquil area among your plants. You could even create a secret hideaway among some taller foliage. Choose some seating, like a small breakfast table and a couple of chairs. Or perhaps you could add an arbor with a bench or even a garden swing. Create a space where you can find some peace among your relaxed and peaceful garden.

If formal isn’t your style, a cottage garden could be right for you. It shouldn’t take much effort to care for, either.


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