Creating a Better Food System

On an International scale, it’s obvious our food system isn’t working. From poverty in third world countries, to problems with unhealthy food in the West, food is a big issue. As the age old saying goes ‘you are what you eat’ – what you eat is becoming increasingly important. Beyond production issues, around 1/3 of the food produced in the world is wasted. Whether from going ‘off’ or from purely being not aesthetic enough to sell in supermarkets, we are wasting a lot of food. In America, for example, over 17% of jobs are within the food sector.

As time goes on, the implications from climate change are having great affects on things such as food production. A lot of things will need to change in order to create a better food system that wastes less money, less food and ensures that the world’s population is properly fed. In addition, employees who work in the food industry, whether as waiters or food sprays or anything in between need to be taken better care of. The wage for a tipped employee in America hasn’t changed in 19 years, despite the living costs changing dramatically during that time.

Our current food system works for most, but not all the world’s population and for the most part is rather wasteful and inefficient. For more information for ways that a better food system can be created, please check out the infographic below:

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