Creating Imaginary Corporate Spaces: The Benefits Of A Virtual Office

For many years the main image we have of the 9-5 has been having to turn up in a physical space of work; the office. However, with flexible hours, creative businesses and start-up companies all on the rise, the virtual office is becoming far more popular. Of course, some businesses will always need to maintain physical spaces for customer interaction. But smaller businesses and start-ups may benefit from imaginary corporate spaces. Let’s take a look below at some of the beauties of creating a virtual office.



Renting an office space can be a costly business in itself. From finding the appropriate location to buying computers and desks, the overheads certainly add up. If you are a small business trying to keep costs down you may want to consider paying monthly for a virtual office instead. Companies such as Your Virtual Office London offer services such as a prestigious business address where you can get your mail sent. They also offer personal answering services that act as your PA for clients that call. Other companies are also able to arrange state-of-the-art meeting rooms on demand. This is perfect if you have important client meetings or conferences. All these options keep your overheads down while maintaining the look and feel of an impressive city center address.

Global Staff

Virtual offices are also fantastic if your business is international or you want to employ freelance staff around the globe. This works particularly well for online magazines employing international journalists. However, still having a city center address allows customers/clients to have peace of mind and gives a more prestige feel to your brand.

Flexi Hours

More and more people are looking for flexible working hours. And having virtual offices mean your staff can work remotely early morning or into the evening if they so wish. It also takes out the stress of long and often busy commutes for your employees. As a business owner you also probably feel like your phone is permanently attached to your head taking calls. Using a virtual office personal answering service alleviates some of this pressure. Professionals are on hand to answer your calls, take messages and pass information on.


Pay-As-You-Go PA

Can’t afford to hire your own PA? Many virtual office services also include pay-as-you-go personal assistants. And this can be music to a small business owners ears. These professional services can help with everything from reception duty to mail forwarding. And also with secretarial and administration work to arranging meetings and conferences. Companies offer a range of bespoke packages so you can create the best service that fits your budget and needs.


Working with a virtual office service means the money that you save can be invested elsewhere in your business. Without the worry of bills, rent, and insurance you will have extra money to invest into making your company a success.  Interested in creating a luxury corporate image for your company without the overheads? Then a virtual office service should definitely be top of your list.

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