Creating the ultimate tech-friendly home

The modern home is one that is full of technological gadgets, whether they be in the living room, the kitchen or the home study. It seems that we have become addicted to devices that make daily life easier or simply more enjoyable.

Technology as standard

Most homes have some technology as standard. This includes televisions in the main living areas, the lounge and the kitchen, as well as in bedrooms and even in bathrooms; digital music systems that can be streamed around the home; and computers that sit on desks or go mobile as we wander around the building. However, these standard technology items are constantly being tinkered with and improved so that there is a never-ending supply of new products. Plus, internet providers such as spectrum internet are expanding their services to ensure the quickest internet to cater to these new inventions!


Audiovisual technology

Take the latest piece of audiovisual technology – the transparent television. This is an item that has the same footprint and surface area as a standard television, but the screen is completely see-through due to the combination of old LCD technology and new TOLED engineering. This technology allows the screen to display solid, moving images with a rich depth of color and full contrast range, just like an ordinary TV screen.

Want to use less energy? Then opt for the Sony Eclipse media player that has solar panels mounted on its rear side. This small piece of technology can be fitted to any vertical surface, such as a window, that has access to the sun, and it will rarely run out of juice.


Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a while, zooming around our floors picking up dirt and debris while we sit back, but the early models were sometimes less than efficient. Now, though, robot vacuum cleaners come with inbuilt sensors to avoid obstacles, automatic dustbin emptying and different cleaning modes depending on the floor surface. Some models can even be set with a timer so that they can clean your floors even when you are not at home, saving you time and effort.


There are even gadgets that can control your window dressings, helping you to save money on energy bills. Window blinds and designer shutters can be opened and shut using automation technology that analyses the information received by sensors. For example, if it is a particularly hot day and a room is getting overheated, the sensor will register a hike in the temperature and close the slats. This will keep the room at a constant temperature, helping to keep it warm later in the evening when the sun goes down.

The tablet computer has made many things possible, but perhaps one of their most handy functions is using them to control your home’s appliances. Download the relevant app to your tablet and it will work out when energy prices are at their lowest and turn your washing machine on accordingly, as well as informing you when the wash cycle is complete and when it needs more detergent.

In line with current global concerns, technology is coming up with devices that not only make our lives simpler, but help us to cut down on our energy usage and thereby cut down on our costs.

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