Creative Jobs For Creative People

For those that despise routine, a corporate job handling figures and following procedures can be suffocating. Give yourself room to breathe by embracing a job that centres around your creative flair. Here are some creative jobs and how to get your foot in the door.


If you have a talent for writing, the opportunities are practically endless. Some markets are certainly tougher to crack such as journalism, travel writing and fiction. But there are many other roles including paid blogging, legal writing, press releases, copywriting, technical writing and instructional writing. Your best bet getting into the trade is to volunteer. Many sites will take on writers for free. You can also start your own blog and write for student newspapers. Eventually you will create a portfolio for yourself that you can use when approaching places for paid employment.



Those that can sing or play a musical instrument may wish to pursue a career in music. If becoming a successful pop star seems out of your reach, you can always use your talents in other ways, performing at weddings or on a cruise ship, coming up with radio jingles, finding a career as a backing musician or simply gigging your way around pubs and clubs. Whether you’re self-taught or have lessons, you’ll need to put yourself out there, playing gigs and recording your own music. Hiring a record studio for a couple hours may be beneficial. Create a name for yourself and turn your love of music into business, creating a website and charging for your services.


Budding photographers will have an initial struggle to get their foot in the door. You can start by taking lots of photos and creating a portfolio for yourself. Volunteer at weddings, ask local independent clothes shops if you can do a photoshoot for them and enquire local studios for internships. You can also get into travel photography by working on a cruise ship, coach trip or ski resort. Buy yourself a bunch of flash drives and memory cards in bulk and sell your photos to clients. From these tiny jobs you can work your way up to snapping celebrities and having exotic travel pictures featured in National Geographic.



For those that like their movies, becoming a director can be the dream. But you don’t have to work on Hollywood films to pursue a career in filming. The demand for video is constantly increasing with the rise of video streaming platforms like Youtube. Companies want online ads and instructional videos for their products and musicians want high-quality music videos. Then there are personal projects like wedding videos and sports videos. By slowly making a name for your company you may eventually rise to the echelons of TV and cinema.


Art is often ridiculed for having no business potential. However, there are in fact many ways that you can use your drawing and illustrating skills to make a profit by teaming up with other creatives. Authors require artwork for their novels and musicians require artwork for their singles and albums. Many forms of advertising also need illustrations. You can even take to the streets and sell your artwork to passers-by or draw caricatures.

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