Customer Awareness: All Businesses Need It

Just think, a business isn’t really a business unless people know about it and are actively engaging with it by checking out the store, website, social media page and buying products or services off you. If they don’t know you exist then this simply is not going to happen at all. You need to mitigate this by focusing on your visibility and ensuring there is a semblance of customer awareness regarding what you do and your business in general. Sometimes this happens naturally, as you grow and push into new markets customers talk to each other and as such word spreads pretty fast. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you need to spread the word yourself. If you don’t, then you could fast find yourself in a rut with no sales. You may have employed certain tips and tricks to get your visibility out there, some may be on the below list. But you should try the ones you’ve yet to do. They can make a huge difference and you may soon find your sales go through the roof. Good luck!

Use Events

No matter what type of business you operate, you can use big gatherings of people as a chance to promote what you do. If you sell some kind of food set up a stall and give people samples of your food. If not, talk to people, hand out leaflets. Whatever you do you can ensure your brand gets into the minds of other people. Think about recognition, you need to get your logo and such like in their face. Think about t shirt screen printing, wearing branded clothing will help your recognisability. Ensure your area is seeping with your brand. Use media walls, use branded tablecloths, everything you can think about you should use because it really does all help. Look at the events that are around and try to target them to the kind of people that will be there. If you need student customers then go for student events. If you need custom from other businesses then go to trade shows. These are the best places to mix with key businesses that you can benefit from.

Social Media

Certain businesses are all over it, others don’t bother too much. You need to use it. If you don’t you are at a disadvantage. Millions of people use social media every day and if you can get your brand and logos under their nose then all the better. You can pay to advertise of course, but that only gets you so far. Consider creating your business page and posting key, quality content from it. Sprinkle the content with links back to your website or individual product pages. Make sure the content is great. If you aren’t good at writing consider using a freelancer. You must make sure the content is not similar to click bair. People hate it and it will result in your business taking a hit on the reputation front. Use relevant and interesting content for the best chances of success.

New Signage

If you run a physical business then your signage is everything. It is what people see and what pulls them in or pushes them away. A dirt ridden, battered sign reflects badly on you. Some people see this and apply that connotation to your whole business. If your sign is dirty, perhaps your restaurant is dirty and the such. You should use colourful signage and keep it clean. This represents your company in the best possible way. You need to engage with front of store advertising here too. Look at the huge amount of stores that now use screens to show digital advertising. Think about this. You can show whatever advertising you want that fits into your promotional needs. Check out your competitor storefronts and see if they are better than yours. Copy what they do well. Whatever pulls people in should be implemented.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way of getting your name out there. You can buy email lists, but you should try to compile them yourself too because then you can ensure that the recipients match the profile of your target audience. Don’t do it too often as it will annoy people. Only send emails out when you have a new product, service, or promotion. Or to inform them of something key within your business. If you send them email after email they will simply unsubscribe from the emails. Be tactful and choose your emails wisely. Put in the ground work for the best chances of success.

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