Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

What are the risk factors of doing-it-yourself?

Having trees in the compound provides a good atmosphere which allows you to interact with nature well. However, it may reach a time that the tree needs to be cut down, probably due to old age or long branches. Tree felling is quite a risky practice. Therefore, you have to be extra cautious and keen when doing it. It also requires a high level of expertise. That is why it is highly recommended to leave the job to a professional tree lopping company that is fully licensed. There are numerous risks involved in removing trees yourself. Below we have included the top ten dangers.

1. Tree Decay

Tree decay poses a great risk for you when felling a tree. You never know what the outcome may be. This aspect requires ample knowledge in the field of tree biology in order to analyze the amount of risk involved in such a tree and come up with safe methods of cutting the tree down. Rotten trees need to be cut down because they pose a danger to passers-by and your home as well.

2. You may Fall

Cutting the tree yourself presents the risk of falling from the tree. As you trim branches in order to allow for ease of cutting down the tree, you may fall from the tree, which may cause serious injuries. Some injuries involve breaking bones, dislocation and some cases may be fatal.

3. Risk of Injury by Tree felling tools

Some tree-felling tools like a chainsaw are very dangerous when you operate them without the necessary skills required. If you mishandle a chainsaw, it may lead to cutting of limbs and even loss of life. Some parts of the tree may be rougher than others which makes the chainsaw unstable and therefore require steady and professional hands to handle it.

4. Branches Pose a Significant Risk

Branches may be unstable on the tree due to the age of the tree or because of strong winds. Therefore, as you cut the tree, branches may fall off when you are not expecting them to and cause serious injuries to you or any property around the tree. To know how to cut such a tree, you need the help of a professional to evaluate the situation.

5. Gravity plays a huge role

You may be unfamiliar with how tree felling is related to gravity, and therefore, it is important to avoid such risks. When cutting a tree using your own methods, the tree may fall where it is not supposed to. It may cause damage to property and lead to loss of life as well.

6. Legal Problems

Tree felling in Australia is regulated through various legislations. Therefore, it is important to conform to these laws before doing it yourself. You are not allowed to cut down a tree that is over 20 feet, and also, you should not attempt to cut down a tree that is near utility lines.

7. Lodged tree

When cutting trees yourself, you may not use the necessary steps and tools required to ensure the tree does not remain lodged. This may cause serious risks and legal troubles for you.

8. Safety Equipment

You may not possess the required safety equipment that should be worn and used in cutting down a tree. This is risky for you because you may get injured or cause others harm. Professionals have a certain set of equipment and safety materials that are recommended in cutting down trees.

9. The risk of being electrocuted

Cutting down a tree that is close to power lines is a very risky move. You may cause life-threatening electrocution across your neighborhood when the tree falls on power lines.

10. Uneven Terrain

Cutting down trees in uneven terrain requires an expert’s evaluation and execution. Cutting it yourself may lead to catastrophic accidents.

Cropped shot of logger slicing tree with chainsaw

Why Let Arborists do the job?

An arborist is well trained on how to effectively and safely cut down a tree. Also, an arborist will use the right tools to perform the job, which reduces many risks of damage compared to doing it yourself. Some arborists have insurance packages that will cover any damages that arise from cutting down the tree.


It is crucial that you seek assistance from a certified professional to cut down
your tree in order to protect yourself and your property from any harm that may arise due to cutting down a tree.

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