Dealing with Holiday Heartache

The holiday season is supposed to be one of good cheer, good company, and a chance to look back on one year while eagerly anticipating an upcoming one. But for some, holiday heartache will ruin all of that good cheer and instead leave a lump on coal in your throat that can be hard to swallow.

Be it bereavement, unemployment, a broken heart; there are ways to get through this festive season and come out the other side refreshed, happy, and ready to start anew. Here are some tips for dealing with whatever negativity the end of the year might throw at you.


It can be difficult to say goodbye to loved ones so close to the time of year where everyone wants to be around friends and family. For some, the loss comes as no surprise, and they were perhaps expecting a death around this time of year, but for others, it can come out of nowhere. This is particularly true for road accidents caused by drink driving, or icy roads and a fit, healthy person could easily fall victim to the season.

When dealing with bereavement, it can be hard to find the energy to set everything in order. If possible, you or someone you know should search online to compare funeral directors to find one to suit your family’s needs, before getting into the tricky practice of organising the will of your loved one.


Like a Christmas movie from the forties, unemployment at Christmas can throw all your plans for the future into disarray and make you wonder if you will ever recover. The good news is that you will, but the bad news is that it may take a while.

Typically, companies release employees over Christmas to downsize. While it may be considered all too Scroogey, there is little you can do about what the company desires. Instead of worrying about this, instead, think of the future, enjoy the time off, but don’t stop searching for that next job. Considering you will be (hopefully) leaving your previous company on good terms – aside from the volume of abuse you have whirling around in your head – you will receive an excellent reference that will support your job search in the new year.


It isn’t just external factors that can affect your happiness over the holiday season. It is also essential to look after your mental health during the holidays, as well. While it may be difficult to be around people who are merry and cheerful if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or any other type of mental illness, it will help to remember that there will always be someone to talk to.

In a time of year so engulfed by the essence of sharing, you can discuss your feelings with friends or family, and build a support network for when you’re feeling down. Knowing that there are people there who care will go a great way towards easing the pain as we approach the new year.

It helps to look after everyone over the festive season. While life might deal you a couple of bad hands, knowing how to cope and move past these problems will be vital in setting your up for a great 2018 and lead towards a happier festive season next time around.


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