Designing An Office With Style & Speed

If you have a business of your own, one of the major parts of the whole operation is ensuring that you have a decent working space in which to carry out your essential work. In the case of most businesses, the central hub will be an office of some kind. Even if you have worked in plenty of offices before, you might be surprised at how complex an issue it can be to design an office of your own. But when you are starting out in business – or when a successful business is upgrading – you need to think about what your office will look like, how it will be planned out, and everything in between. Knowing this will help you to build an office which works – for your business, for your employees, and for you. Let’s take a look at some of the major concerns to bear in mind so you can build your office quickly and with style.


Layout Is Everything

When you are planning the office itself, one of the major tasks you will come up against is the actual designing of the layout. The layout of your office has a huge impact on how well it will work as an office, so it is well worth designing the layout as early on as possible. With any luck, you should find that the process is easier than you had imagined, but it is helpful to bear a few basic things in mind throughout to make it as easy as possible. For a start, remember that certain teams within your business will need to communicate with each other more than certain other teams. Will these need to be situated next to or close to each other? Not necessarily, but it is worth considering in the first analysis. Moreover, you might find that certain employees work best in closed spaces like cubicles, while others prefer open areas. Providing for both is likely to ensure that all of your employees feel catered for, and will therefore produce much better work. The layout has far-reaching implications, so make sure you spend a good amount of time on it.



It is helpful to remember that all sorts of people will be coming into the building, and that you need to plan for every eventuality. You want your business to be regarded as an accepting institution, otherwise your brand image is likely to be poor, so make sure that everyone can access your building as easily as possible – while still bearing security in mind, of course. Work hard to ensure accessibility for everyone, paying particular attention to those who might need special assistance. With a bit of forward-planning and research, you should be able to find the ideal disabled access solution, and this is likely to make a big difference to how accepting your business is seen as being.


At the same time as allowing entrance to those who need it, you need to think carefully about how to stop people who shouldn’t be entering. All businesses need a strong focus on security, as otherwise you never know the kind of damage that can be wrought upon your business by unscrupulous individuals. If you bear this in mind from the outset, however, you can more easily plan around any potential security threats. Something which a lot of businesses do today is have a security expert on board while planning the office. That way, you can be sure that you are doing everything in your power to keep your office as safe as possible – and that is bound to make a huge difference. You should also plan ahead for what kind of security you will have once the office is up and running. Increasingly, more and more businesses rely on security firms to keep a watchful eye over the entrances and exits of their buildings. Doing the same might be the best move you make.


Light & Space

You also need to think carefully about what you and your employees will want from the space. The better suited the space is for work, the better the quality of that work will be. To keep everyone happy, you should aim for a healthy and harmonious balancing of light and space. This is often much easier said than done, but with a little playing around you should find that you can achieve it quite easily. And once you have, your employees are bound to produce much better work on a regular basis.


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