Did you know that the Average Online Profile Picture is 2 years old?

A new survey by Bidvine has found that the average person’s profile picture for their social media is 2 years old. Most people will make sure that their social media is one of the first things that they check first thing in the morning, and even though most people will update their social media each day, it turns out that their profile picture could be up to 4 years old.

The company surveyed 2000 Brits who use online dating and social media, to find out how up-to-date their profile pictures were, and the results were surprising.

It turns that those who use dating apps like Tinder and Grindr are the most likely to frequently change their profile pictures, and many would change them every 2-3 weeks, which Instagram and Facebook users tend to change theirs every 5-6 months.

Some dating websites were the least up-to-date, and people using Plenty of Fish kept the same picture on their profiles for an average of 3.2 years, which those using Match would wait an average of 4 years before changing their picture.


Members of the public were asked to say when they changed their profile pictures last for a range of dating websites, apps, and social media accounts. Grindr was the most frequent, with people changing their pictures every 2 weeks, and this was closely followed by Tinder which was an average of 3 weeks.

WhatsApp users changed their picture her 2.5 months, while Facebook was generally every 5 months. Instagram wasn’t far behind, with the average user updating their profile picture every 6 months, while SnapChat comes in slightly behind at 8 months. Twitter users updated their profile picture every 1.8 years on average, while LinkedIn was a little longer with an average of 2.1 years.

For dating apps, Plenty of Fish was 3.2 years, while Match was the longest at 4 years. And for 11% of those surveyed, they admitted that their profile picture was taken more than 10 years ago.


Those who participated in the survey were also asked “if you don’t regularly change your profile picture, why?” and 62% of respondents said that they found it hard to find pictures they were happy with, while almost half (49%) said they wanted their profile pictures to make them look younger to those looking at their profiles.

Interestingly, 1 in 4 people wouldn’t want their boss to see the profile picture that they currently have on Facebook.

Sohrab Jahanbani is Bidvine’s CEO, and he commented on the results, stating that when we look at how frequently people change their profile pictures, the older, more conventional networks and dating websites that people use regularly like Twitter and Linked in are lagging behind, while those who are single and young are more likely to use newer photos.

Since many people struggle to find pictures they’re happy with, Bidvine is setting up pop up photo booths so they can have a new profile picture for their social media.

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