Digital Skills Worth Knowing

As each day passes by, certain skills become more and more valuable.

Now, as we keep working, we keep spending more and more time typing away at a desk. We work to ensure we can pay our mortgage and other bills. We work hard to climb the career ladder.

But for all our hard work, we can’t help it if our skillsets become outdated, but what we can do is ensure that we update our skills to ensure we are work ready no matter what happens!

A computing skillset is going to futureproof your career. If you’re good with coding, hardware, and software, then there is a lot you can offer to almost any business! If you can take apart a computer, put it together, update it, load it with software, fix issues and code programs for the computer – you’ll have a lot to say in the future.

In terms of marketing – learning how to write copy that works for search engines is a good skill. Search engine optimization is a skill that is in demand as more and more businesses look to claw their way up the ranking tables used by search engines. Social media skills are also handy if you’re running a business or looking to start a career. Mastering Facebook and Twitter will get you far and it’s easy to pick up and learn. There are also a number of resources that you can use to fill your brain with ideas. Content lives on social media, so if you’re creative, social media skills are for you.

The ability to write or edit will help greatly as well. Good marketing also relies on content, whether that is a simple blog post or podcast, or images and a video series. Having media creation skills will come in handy, just make sure to build a portfolio worth looking at to back up your CV. Audio editing skills come in handy for podcasting, just make sure you have knowledge of hardware and recording systems. The same goes for film and video editing as well as photography. For writing, there are plenty of creative writing classes that can be taken as well as professional copy writing seminars to ensure your web copy is spot on!

Art and design never truly goes out of fashion and technology has afforded us more chances to be creative than ever before. With tools like the Adobe Spark banner maker, Pro Tools, iPad and Microsoft Surface or make a banner with Creatopy – there’s no excuse for you to not create! There is plenty of technology out there that will allow you to create and design, so use it! Tablets can upload your work to the internet and allow you to back up your work to online remote storage.

If you’ve got a talent, treat your spare time as a second job where you can spend your time investing in the skills that can take you somewhere. You’ll never know where you’ll end up and you could find the job or career of your dreams!

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