Digital Tools Your Business Should Be Using By Now

If you are running a business, there will be many things you will want to utilize properly. From your staff’s skills to your time, making the most of these things can truly make or break a business. It can also make or break your stress levels along the way! With this in mind, how about digital tools? Which ones should you be using by now to make your business the very best it can be?

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A staff tracker app

Whether you hire a number of young and potentially vulnerable staff or not, having a staff tracker app is a wise decision. Your staff simply install the app onto their phones. When they leave the office, they let the app know. They also input how long they predict it will take them to get home. Once they arrive home, they check-in, letting the app know they are home safely. If for any reason they don’t check in, the suitable notifications are made. This might be to an emergency number pre-stored in the phone, to the police or your office. For lone workers who are often out of the office on meetings or visits, they can also use an app of this nature.


A virtual mailbox

If you aren’t using virtual rv mail by now, you’re missing out on a trick. Here is how it works. You give your customers and clients an address to send post and letters too. The post is then collected, scanned and uploaded to the Cloud. You can then access this post digitally, online. If you travel away from the office often, you will still have access to anything that arrives. If you work from home, you don’t have to put your home address out into the public domain. These companies will even filter out junk mail on your behalf.


Social media

Those who are now utilizing social media will tell you themselves just how much of a positive impact it can have on every facet of a business. Sales can rise, as can facets you might not have even realized would benefit. Take applications to jobs, for example. After all, the more people that know about your company and see it in a good light, the more people will be applying to your openings. That being said, maintaining a presence on social media is just as important as having a presence. If you post sporadically, you will slip out of potential and current partners and customers minds.

If keeping on top of all the different sites is daunting to use, manage them with a tool like Hootsuite.


An Online To-Do List

Have you a to-do list as long as your arm? Yes, so do many business owners. If you are running your own business alone, you are taking on many roles at once. CEO, HR Manager, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Sales Manager, Office Cleaner; you are all of these. As a result, you can have multiple to-do lists for the multiple business hats you wear. Instead of keeping yours on a scrap of paper, find a digital tool that allows you to put it online. This allows updates and changes in real-time and means you can access it wherever you are.


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