Dilemmas – Would You Move Your Whole Family For A New Job?

Good jobs are really hard to come by. So when you’re offered what appears to be a great job, you would probably consider it. The trouble is, many of the best jobs are always out of town. Some are so far away that a commute would be impossible. But would you consider moving your whole family to another part of the country? How good does that job need to be to make the upheaval worth it?

It really is a huge dilemma to face. On the one hand, you’re keen to work your way up the career ladder, earn more money, and get a better pension. On the other hand, you’re comfortable in your home, your kids have great friends and a good school, and you have your family nearby. The best way to tackle this is to make a detailed list of what you will actually be gaining from a big move.


There are many things to consider when you start a new job. Is the office environment right for you? Are your co-workers in a clique, or are they open and friendly? Will your boss be breathing down your neck, or is there lots of scope for creativity and self-management? The job itself could be a huge factor. Is it really a dream job that lets you do lots of things you love, or will there be tedious tasks that wear you down? A good job isn’t all about the benefits and remuneration package.

Moving house to be close enough to a new job will add extra stress to your first few weeks as well. You need to find a good school for the kids. And you’ll need to find excellent healthcare providers for all the family. Most importantly, you need to find a great house in a great neighborhood. The only way to do that is by speaking with estate agents with local knowledge of the area. They will be able to recommend the best houses in your budget. You may want to rent at first to give you time to get to know an area, though.


Your children are going to be facing a tough time if you move. Kids don’t always respond to big changes. Leaving behind a familiar neighborhood, school and friends can be really scary. Are they in a good place academically and emotionally to take on a big move right now? Of course, the extra income could help you find a better school that your kids will love even more. And you may even be able to move to a great neighborhood where your children can enjoy more activities and good friendships.

While it’s never a good idea to take a job offer the moment it’s given to you, there is only so long you can wait to give the answer. Changing jobs is a huge thing to take on, with or without a house move. You need to be certain you can give up the security of the role you are currently in. How would you tackle such a big dilemma?

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