DLSR or Point and Shoot: Which Camera Is Best For Your Needs?

Photography is the perfect blend between art and technology. Sure, a great camera will not necessarily make for absolutely amazing photos – but it will contribute a lot. If you have decided to upgrade your photography game or if you have simply decided that it is high time you switched from a mobile phone camera/old camera to an actual new camera, you probably know that there are two main options available: buying a DSLR or buying a point and shoot.
Which one is genuinely best for your needs? Here are some things to consider:


DSLRs: Their Pros and their Cons

DSLR cameras are amazing from many points of view! They are professional (or at least semi-professional), and this means that you have a much higher chance of shooting really beautiful pictures with them. One of their main advantages is that the photos shot with them have a really good clarity. Furthermore, the focus and the start time are fast too. DSLR cameras can also allow you to overwrite some of their basic functions and are also relatively silent, which means that you will not disturb anyone with the noise. Last (but definitely not least!), there’s a very wide range of “extras” you can buy to make your camera even better (lenses, for example).

On the downside, DSRL cameras tend to cost a bit more than other types of cameras and they do weigh more as well. So if you are searching for something you can carry around relatively easy, a DSLR camera may not be for you.

Point and Shoots: Their Pros and Their Cons

Point and shoot cameras are a lot more basic than DSLRs – but they are also cheaper as well. Thus, one of the main advantages of these cameras is their low price. Furthermore, they are really light-weight and very easy to use (hence, the name “point and shoot”). All in all, these cameras are more than suitable for someone searching for a “holiday camera” to shoot some photos here and there.


On the other side, shooting very artistic and beautiful photos with a plain point and shoot is not very likely. Sure, such a camera will shoot nice photos (even a smartphone camera can shoot beautiful photos, after all). But if you are searching for something on the more “PRO”, range a point and shoot is probably not for you. Overwriting the presets is impossible most of the times, the camera itself is not very speedy (so shooting very spontaneous photos will not be possible) and the ISO range is low too. However, there are a number of point and shoots, such as the Fujifilm Finepix Cameras that allow you to control the manual settings, giving you the best of both worlds.

In the end, only you can decide what’s really best for you when it comes to buying a new camera. On the bottom line, a DSLR will cost you more and they may not be very lightweight, but it will pay off in terms of quality and professionalism. A point and shoot will provide you with extreme ease of use and with low prices, but it will also compromise a lot in the “freedom of creativity” area as well. Analyze both options and see exactly which type of camera suits your needs best!

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