Easy way to get from Antalya airport to the city center

Antalya is considered to be a real Turkish fairytale. You can go to any popular resort: Side, Kemer, or Alanya — all of them are beautiful and friendly. Still, it is Antalya that welcomes most of the tourists arriving to Turkey. Both the Old City and New City are attractive: there are lots of hotels and night clubs along with a great amount of tourist landmarks. You can use both public transport and individual transport if you need to get from Antalya airport to the city centre.

All transport on the route Antalya airport — city centre

The distance between Antalya airport and the city is not that log — just around 14 kilometers, and you can easily cover it going by bus, commercial shuttle or taxi / transfer. A very cheap option is city buses — the cost is only 3,4 liras for a trip. The total time in the road will be around 1h 30m (including the waiting time). As for commercial shuttles, the time they spend in the road is the same.

If we choose the fastest and most comfortable transportation option — taxi and individual transfer — we will see that they only need 40 minutes to bring you to the destination. Please note though that the transfer price is fixed $28, while the price for a taxi on the spot can depend on many factors and have some extra fees (night call, etc.)


Tips on the route Antalya airport — city centre

If you want the cheapest way of transportation from the airport to the city, go for the city buses. Yet please note that they are not very good in terms of space inside and comfort level. Commercial shuttles are much better than city buses, of course: they usually have a/c and soft seats. They don’t have night routes and only head off from the airport once an hour. Sure, the safest option if we go from Antalya airport to the city is taxi and transfer, but they cost a little bit more. Since they have many illegal drivers in the country (who love to charge some extra money), we recommend that you should book a transfer in advance online instead of taking a taxi on the spot.

Buses from Antalya airport to the city centre

  • №600 (Kaleici train station) | №600А (Lara, Konyaalti, Migros mall)

  • 50 minutes in the road

  • 30 minutes waiting at the bus stop

  • Price 3,4 liras

  • Comfort level: low


Shuttles from Antalya airport to the city centre

  • Havaş

  • 45 minutes in the road

  • 1 hour waiting at the bus stop

  • Price 10 liras

  • Comfort level: middle

Taxi / transfer from Antalya airport to the city centre

  • Transfer / taxi on the spot

  • 35 minutes in the road

  • Transfer no need to wait (meeting at arrival) / taxi 5 minutes waiting

  • Transfer price is fixed $31: taxi price can vary

  • Comfort level: middle


Don’t forget to see in Antalya:

  • Kaleici Marina

  • Ataturk museum

  • Suna and Inan Museum Kyrach

  • Yivli Minare Mosque

  • Iskele Church

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