Essential items for your travel first aid kit

If you are about to pack up and go off on your big adventure then one thing you can’t forget is a well stocked first aid kit. Some people may think you are a little paranoid travelling with this thing but trust me as a seasoned traveller, mine has been put to use every single trip I’ve taken. If you are a little short on time then you can pick up all the supplies you need online at Chemist Australia discount chemist and use the below hand guide for your shopping list.

Pain killers

Pain killers can be used for headaches, aches and pains, flu symptoms and even the good old travellers hangover. Have a mixture of Paracetamol and ibuprofen. Paracetamol is good to have on hand as it helps with reducing fevers, where as ibuprofen is a good anti inflammatory for any sprains or bruises. You’ll never know when you may need a pain remedy, so having some supplies on hand can make a world of difference in your travels.


Anti Nausea Tablets

You will probably need to get a prescription from your doctor for these but they are an essential item for the kit. There is nothing worse then getting a tummy bug or food poisoning and then having to go on a long journey. If you don’t want prescription then you can get some great natural ginger tablets that can be just as effective. They also work great for anyone who suffers from motion sickness.

Re-hydration salts

If you get sick whilst travelling restoring hydration in the body is key to getting better fast, especially when in hot countries. You can get some great travel sized sachets that you just add to any water. Great for if you have had food poisoning, tummy bug, heat stroke or even the flu.

Activated Charcoal Medicine of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans

Charcoal Tablets

Charcoal tablets are great to take if you have any type of bug. They help absorb any toxins from the body helping you recover from illness.

Diarrhea medication

Much like anti nausea tablets these are an essential item. Only use these when totally necessary though as if your body is trying to get rid of bugs you need to allow it too. Take them only if you need to go on a long trip where toilet access isn’t going to be easily accessible.



It’s always handy to have a few key ointments on hand. The three important ones are an anti bacterial cream to ward of infection, steroid cream for any weird rashes or burns, and then a good all over salve like paw paw ointment to help with bites and stings.

Bandages, Band-Aids and waterproof wound dressings

Get a range of different bandages and Band-Aids. These can come in hand for scrapes bruises or simply just covering your blisters. Make sure if you have been in dirty water to disinfect any wound before covering it up and change the dressing regularly.




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