Essential Things to do in London

Few places in the world boast as much history as London does. If you’re living in Europe or planning a trip there, then you must add London to your itinerary. This large city has something to offer everyone from world class museums, galleries (many of which are free), incredible shopping, history buildings, markets and so on. There are so many landmarks in this city that deserve some attention, including the Tower of London, the Thames, St James, the Changing of the Guards and of course, Buckingham Palace. While it’s possible to visit London independently fairly easily, if you’re pressed for time or prefer to skip the crowds, an organised tour around London can be a great option. I would suggest either way getting a local guide, whether through your tour or independently as it’s important to get the history behind all of these places.


The Tower of London:

London is a city of contrast, here you’ll find ultra modern buildings next to structures that would be better suited in a castle on a far-away hill. I love the contrast that London affords. The Tower of London is an amazing historical monument. The tower is particularly interesting, especially if you’re a fan of history, so allow yourself at least a few hours to walk around properly. There’s nothing worse than being rushed through something like this.

The Thames River:

The best way to see the Thames is, of course, by boat. While you can walk along the Thames, I personally think it’s much more special to see it by the water. The cruise generally takes around half an hour, depending on the company you go with. You can take the boat one-way and then walk back the other length, admiring how different things look from the land and river.


The Changing of the Guards:

Be warned, here is where you’ll find some serious crowds. I suggest arriving an hour early or going through a tour to avoid getting a disappointing view. This is a very symbolic tradition and can be a great way to get an insight into English history.

Buckingham Palace:

Nothing quite says “London” like the Buckingham Palace. It is the core of British history and a beautiful sight no less. Located near Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace is a lovely place to walk around, take lots of photos and indulge in all the history that took place here. If you’re a fan of squirrels, and let’s be honest, who isn’t? Don’t forget to bring some nuts to feed them.

London is a lovely destination that is overlooked for Paris, but it deserves a visit. As someone from a Commonwealth country, London holds a special place in my heart and despite numerous trips, there’s so much there I need to explore.

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