Factors to Consider in Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplantation is a surgical technique performed for both men and women who suffered hair loss. It is usually visible to men compared to women because they possessed more Dihydrotestosterone or DHT, which is the primary hormone responsible for hair loss. DHT is found in skin, particularly in hair follicles, which resides in the scalp of our hair. The activity of DHT and the reactiveness of hair follicles towards the DHT is the leading cause of hair loss.

Currently, many hair transplant clinic provides a wide variety of work methods for hair surgery. Hair clients sometimes wonder whether they will make the right choice regarding hair surgery, or they will feel disappointed in the result. This feeling is a normal reaction, considering you don’t have a previous history of hair transplants. There are measurements that hair transplant patients must need to consider before starting to carry out the actual operation. Below are four factors that will guide you to ease your apprehension.

  1.   Cause of Hair Loss

Determining the root cause of your hair loss is very important. It is because we can be able to determine whether a hair transplant treatment can be successful or not. It can also help the patient to setup up realistic expectations in the future. For instance, one patient suffers autoimmune disorder, a hair loss case wherein your body fights hair follicle growth. Any hair transplantation cannot treat this problem. Even if the clients finished the procedure, the treated hair would inevitably fall out. 

  1.   Selecting the Right Practitioner

The result of any medical practice depends on two major things; the practitioner and the quality of care at the clinic. Hair transplant surgeries are very critical. So choosing the right surgeon is one of the primary vital factors a patient much consider. Verify their accreditation by visiting the websites and search for their hospital where they practice. 

Next, you need to consider before and after photos of their previous clients. A reputable clinic will post the testimonials of their recent patients. It provides transparency on whether they can achieve client satisfaction or not. 

  1.   Check the Quality of Donor Hair Regions

The main goal of hair transplant is to bring back the quality of health and nourish hair. But in reality, it is not possible in every case. The thickness of hair transplants will also depend on the density of donor hair regions. The more volume it gets, the better the result. We advise to discuss it first with your hair doctor to carry out actual hair inspection. 

  1.   Aftercare Service

The output of a successful hair transplant will depend on two essential things, the operation, and the aftercare service. Once the hair transplant operation is done, the aftercare service will take place immediately. For that reason, the patient must need to know the clinic’s aftercare services. As a general practice, the clinic must provide medical kits after the surgery. A hair transplant specialist must instruct the patients on how to apply the said products. 

A hair transplant surgery can be considered a life-changing procedure in a human’s life. But, for you to be one of the successful hair transplant patients, you will need:

  •       Realistic expectations
  •       Check for the right practitioner and clinic
  •       Do extensive research about the topic

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