Family holidays – a modern day right

It’s quite unfair that the highest priced holidays are during the school summer holidays. This often makes it difficult for families, large or small, to jet off for a cost that doesn’t mean constant saving for the first half of the year. Due to schools imposing fines on those who take time off during school term, more and more families are being forced to pay these high prices for holidays, to enable them to experience precious holidays together as a unit.

Because of this, it’s important to cut corners where cost is concerned, in order to make your family holiday the best it can be. I believe family holidays should be a right, not a privilege, and thankfully there are some things we can do to save money, and put it towards the cost of that summer break.


For instance, how do you normally get to the airport? If you go on public transport, you’re probably looking at quite a hefty bill for all of you, as well as stress with trains and luggage, coaches and times, and expensive taxis. For this reason, I’d suggest diving yourself to the airport, and booking your parking spot at I can’t rave enough about this service, because it not only works out generally cheaper, but it means a more leisurely and stress-free start to your holiday. We all know how easy it is for over-excitement to creep in, and tantrums to come as a result of not getting where they want to be quick enough. Reduce all that by taking your own sweet time, in your own surroundings.

I regularly book parking at Gatwick Short Stay South Terminal, and this may come as a surprise but it is really great value-for-money and you and your family can walk to the terminal. You’ll probably have noticed that many of the capital flights work out cheaper, and if you can find one that when you combine travel and parking into it, still works out less than your regional one, then I’d urge you to book it. Every little helps!


Another way to save money and make that sunshine break more affordable and realistic is by going all inclusive. This may cost slightly more at the initial stage of booking, but when you don’t have to factor into your spending money the cost of eating out and drinks, which can often be expensive during hot days, as it’s important to stay hydrated, then you may find you save here.

As for the time of year, maybe avoid the peak July and August time, and go in the October half-term holiday. I’ve seen several bargains during this time of year for the last couple of seasons, and the weather is still hot and sunny at many resorts during this time.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t afford that summer family break, simply think outside the box, and see where you can save money, in order to make that holiday right a reality.


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