Family Unity Through Technology

Some people are of the opinion that technology isolates people, but that is not necessarily the case; in fact, a good portion of today’s technology is entertainment-oriented and brings families together. Watching shows and movies, playing video games, and video chatting are just a few ways that families are using technology to spend more time together, not less.

Satellite and Cable Foster Togetherness

Watching television with one’s family members has been a popular pastime for more than half a century. In the past, people had to adjust to the television viewing schedule in place, but no more. Advances in technology have made television watching more entertaining and convenient.


For example, Satellite TV at gives consumers the ability to shape their own viewing experiences. With the genie DVR and on-demand services, the entire family can sit down after dinner and watch a favorite show that aired earlier in the day. This allows families to spend a lovely evening together and to discuss the plot, characters, et cetera of their favorite show.

According to BBC News, “a survey, carried out in Leeds, Croydon, Norwich, Cardiff and Coventry for the Disney Channel UK found that one in three parents quizzed said they were spending more time with their children as a result of watching TV with them.” Dr David Lewis, a psychologist and child development expert who analyzed the findings of the survey, said that television could give families a shared point of interest and draw them closer together.

Video games are Bridging the Age Gap

The technological and cultural status of video games has changed significantly. Video games were also played exclusively at arcades, and they were fairly limited in terms of their graphics. They were also primarily a young person’s pursuit. Today, video games often have impressive graphics and detailed narratives to go with them. They are intricate and immersive and appeal to people of all ages.


According to a News USA article, “Consoles like the Nintendo Wii are a great source of entertainment for children and adults, and they can be a way for parents to find quality time as a complete family. The Wii has many four-player games, like the popular Wii Sports series, where you can play bowling, golf and tennis.” So gather around the game console and enjoy some family fun.

Tech is Connecting Long Distance Families

Social networking apps such as Facebook, allow families that are far-flung to keep in touch. You can also use apps like Skype to video chat. Being able to see the face and hear the voice of your long-distance family member can help you keep the relationship strong. This is especially helpful for families with members in the military.

In the USA Today article, social media allow military families a deeper connection, Army Maj. Thomas Murphy said he was able to video chat with his family on a near-daily basis. The connection made his deployment more bearable for himself and his family. It also made his return home easier for his young daughters. According to Murphy’s wife, Bianca, “He was part of their day-to-day life, so there was no adjustment that this was some stranger in a uniform.”

Today, families use technology to grow closer together. Through the use of satellite television, video games, and video chatting, local and long-distance families are using technology to stay connected and more in touch than ever.


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