Fantastic Reasons to Make the Move to Spain

Moving abroad is an incredible life adventure that many people want to experience one day. If you want to live overseas, there are so many countries you can choose from. Some of them are harder to immigrate to than others, especially if you want to stay long-term. But all of the offer different things that various people will enjoy. Spain has regions and lifestyles suitable for all types of people. From the young to the old, ¬†from foodies to outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone. If you’re considering a move, here’s why you should pick Spain.



There are lots of ways you can live in Spain, but overall the word you can use to describe the lifestyle is relaxed. You can choose to have lots of fun, whether it’s by clubbing at the weekend or going hiking. But when it comes down to it, the lifestyle in Spain is more sedate than many other countries. Many Spaniards take a long lunch of up to two hours so they can go home and cook something. Life is often centered around food and drink, not just to enjoy eating and drinking but to socialize too. Lunches and dinners can be later in the day, but people keep going by eating snacks in between.

Beautiful Property

Anyone looking to buy or rent property in Spain will find some excellent options. Due to the financial crisis, the price of property fell substantially in the country. It’s starting to recover, but there are still many bargains to be had across Spain. However, you can expect to pay a lot more in metropolitan areas, such as Barcelona and Madrid. If you’re shopping for luxury real estate, you’ll find beautiful modern and traditional properties. Although you pay more for a touch of splendor, you can still get a great price. Plus, paying extra is worth it if you want a stunning home.


Cost of Living

Many people are surprised by the cost of living in Spain, depending on where they move from. It can reduce your cost of living by a substantial amount. Buying and maintaining property can cost you less than doing it in other European countries. Food can also be reasonably priced, especially if you use seasonal produce. You often don’t need to pay for heating costs, and many Spanish homes don’t always have heating systems.

Fabulous Weather

Of course, one of the best reasons to move to Spain is for the weather. The excellent thing is that it isn’t scorching hot all over the country. You can choose where to live depending on your preference, and winters can be much cooler. Some parts of Spain are sunny almost every day of the year, particularly in the south. If you want a warmer and sunnier climate, parts of Spain are ideal to get what you’re looking for.

There are lots of fantastic reasons to think about making a move to Spain. Doing it could change just not just your location but your entire lifestyle.


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