Finding spirituality in your life

How many times have you promised yourself that you’ll slow down and attempt to see the bigger picture, or that you’ll take more time to care for yourself and your mental wellbeing? When you’re busy chasing around after work or completing errands, it can be incredibly difficult to stop for a moment to listen to what your heart’s trying to tell you; it’s little wonder that so many people experience burnouts, or that our relationships at home and work are suffering.

Spirituality, which typically refers to our connection with others, our place and purpose within the world, and a search for enlightenment, is a concept that can help us all to repair whatever may be going wrong in life. Whether you seek religious guidance, increased faith in your own abilities, or something currently beyond your comprehension, spirituality means different things to different people – and it can be found in the most surprising places.


Exploring inner peace and spirituality

You’ve no doubt heard of some of the benefits of spirituality and discovering inner peace, and are keen to experience them for yourself. From improved relationships and the patience to handle whatever life throws at you, to better decision-making and conflict resolution, and the ability to focus on your goals, spirituality can assist with every walk of life and present opportunities you’d never thought possible. In order to make changes at work, in your handling of other people, or your capacity to defuse certain situations, it pays to put yourself first. Discovering faith or religion, or simply learning how to understand your own emotions and the path you’re currently treading can go a long way towards aiding such changes – and it’s far easier than you may think to get started.

Visit a retreat or spiritual community

The idea of visiting a retreat or holy community is one that appeals to many people in search of spirituality. Communities such as the Bruderhof, which has 23 locations around the world, are specifically designed to offer enlightenment and teachings of faith and wellbeing, and it can often feel far less daunting to be guided than it can to seek answers all by yourself. While the Bruderhof community is one that offers teachings in Christianity, you’ll find retreats of every kind dedicated to spiritual enlightenment and wellbeing all around the world – such a trip may be just what you need to rediscover yourself and set off along a new path.


Make conscious decisions to connect

Discovering spirituality or inner peace doesn’t have to involve a physical journey, but rather a voyage into the way you make and maintain connections; the relationships we forge have the ability to alter our wellbeing for better or worse, and so it’s essential to know how to nurture them. Don’t forget to love family and friends, spend a little longer considering how you may help someone else, and learn to recognize when a relationship has turned sour – if you find yourself constantly drained or questioning your own abilities, it could be time to walk away. Consider doing things for others without asking for anything in return, or turning your hand to charity. Such actions can do so much for your own wellbeing and sense of self.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

During your journey into spirituality, it’s important to question everything – even if that means querying your own motives. Who are you? What do you want from life? What are you grateful for? It’s impossible to truly embrace spirituality without first admitting your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, and the ways in which you could change for the better. Indeed, the concept of spirituality is based on self-reflection, contemplation, and gaining clarity prior to altering the path on which we travel. Asking these questions at the start of every day will enable you to see how your route is changing, and how you can better serve those around you.

Above all, embracing spirituality is about discovering what it is you enjoy, how you see yourself and would like the world to view you, and how best you can influence those around you for the better. It’s all sorts of things to different people – a personal journey of discovery and a means to strengthen your resolve and happiness. If finding spirituality means trying something new, spending more time doing the things you enjoy, or venturing into the world, then do it – your life is yours for living.

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