Five simple business changes which make a big difference

If you want to boost your business, including profits, productivity, client base, and generally the ease of how your business runs, you need to look at making a few changes. These don’t have to be huge sweeping changes, and there are a few little things you can do here and there which make a big difference to the way your business not only runs, but also the way in which it performs.

See if you can make use of any of these suggestions for your business.


Organisation is key

You can’t work well in an untidy environment. Basically, if you’ve got box files and folders all over the floor, or all over desks, you’re not going to know where all your important documents are when you need them, which wastes time, and we know that time is money. Basically, you need to tidy up. Look at putting up some storage shelving, so you can store files and documents away, so you know where to reach them at times when you need them, but they’re not sat around waiting for you to fall over them in the meantime. Label up your box files, throw out things you don’t need – it’s not rocket science. If you need some inspiration, check out Slingsby.

Invest in a good quality website

These days marketing is key, and it’s done online. Most people now look for a website when they’re researching product and services, and if your business hasn’t got one then you’re going to fall far behind. You don’t need the most all singing, all dancing site to be able to take advantage of this business loop, you just need something which is easy to navigate, up to date, accurate, and works well. If you don’t know what you’re doing with this kind of thing, I’m sure you’ll know someone who does!


Get down with social media

Facebook is actually taking over the world, there’s no getting away from that fact. Sign up and create a page for your business, market it a little, share it, like things, basically just get involved, and you will see these small things you do every day online may just translate into bigger sales in the near future.

Declutter your life

A little like point number one, we need a clean working environment to be effective. Think about storing things online in a cloud, perhaps using Dropbox, and basically only keep what you need, and keep everything up to date. Not having pages and pages of out of date contacts will mean you can find the most useful ones in a fraction of the time. We’re back to the old adage of time being money again here.


Think about outsourcing

If you find you have too much work for your own hands, there’s no shame in admitting it and getting a little help. You can easily outsource some of your workload to freelancers from time to time, which means you can get on with other things – twice as much work done in one lot of time.

These small changes will not only help you run your business more effectively, but could end up boosting your profits too.

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