Food And Fun: A Holiday In The Sun

There are few other words which have better connotations of happiness than ‘food’ and ‘fun’. When you add ‘sun’ into the mix, then you know you are destined for a great time. Oh, hang on, there is another word which stretches the happiness even further: ‘holiday’. Put four of these words together, and the chances are that your mind will develop gorgeous images of freshly prepared food, the sun beating down on you, the excitement of getting off a plane and having an all round brilliant time in your life.


If you are looking to experience a holiday which incorporates all of these aspects, then you will have to ensure you pick the best place to cater for all of your needs. Simply, do not choose somewhere which is hot all the time but has not got much to do in terms of entertainment, and do not choose somewhere which has lots of fun things to do but is not really known or has not got a good reputation for good food. A place which is up and coming, and quickly becoming a popular holiday destination is Antalya – in Turkey. So, head to booktaxiantalya and get your travel from the airport sorted as if you have not been to this destination yet, then you will more than likely want to go very soon.

In terms of food, there are options to cater for everyone. The hummus in Rokka is a very popular dish, and the pizzas also come recommended. The olives, cheese and fresh vegetables are also talked about leaving you spoilt for choice. For a more fine dining experience, try Seraser which even though specialises in highly intricate, gourmet cuisine, the value for money means patrons keep returning for more.

If you are a fan of nightlife, and want to take advantage of what is on offer to you when you are in Antalya, then Olympos which is a nightclub more than anything plays modern music mixed with classic tracks which everyone can enjoy. There are dance floors to keep you dancing until the small hours. Gizli Bahce has a sea view and caters more for an upmarket crowd. However, you should not avoid the place because of the upscaled patrons – the bar offers good value for money and the view offers a great place to wind down with a drink.

If you want to make the most of your holiday and want to experience the cultural side of Antalya, you could decide to take a trip to the ancient city of Perge which shows the rich culture and the history of the Ottoman Empire on this Turkish destination. Konyaalti Beach offers a relaxing site of sand, and sea, where you can spend hours whiling the day away with your loved ones or alone. Regardless what season you decide to travel in, in winter or summer, taking a long walk by the Konyaalti coast line is a refreshing way to spend a few hours. The beach is long, meaning there is plenty of space.

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