Four Clothing Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Being a modern girl-on-the-go means wanting to look good where you’re going, without having the energy to expend on clothing care on the way there.  Check out these easy fashion fixes that let you focus your energy on the important things – while still looking like a million bucks.


Never Handwash Again

Give “handwash only” items the gentle wash they deserve, without the time and effort on your part.  Throw them in your pillowcase, tie it off with a hair tie, and toss the whole bundle in with your regular cold wash.  Tired of sorting through a Gordian Knot of bras?  Putting them in a pillowcase will keep them tangle free (and you should probably be handwashing them anyway).  Bonus- chances are, using this trick you’ll wash your pillowcase more often, which helps prevent breakouts.


Don’t Let Wrinkles Put A Wrinkle in Your Plans

Whether they’re lurking on the dress you’re wearing for a big date or the button down you had picked out for an important interview, unexpected wrinkles are never a pleasant surprise.  Never let a wrinkle on your clothes wrinkle your brow again with this simple trick.  Hang the offending item on the shower curtain rod, making sure it’s out of the path of the showerhead, and hop in.  In the time it will take you to enjoy a steamy hot shower, your clothes will be waiting for you wrinkle-free.  This also works great for scratchy, uncomfortable materials – ballerinas have been known to use this same trick to soften their tutus.


De-Soil With Essential Oils

Add a few drops of essential oil to your laundry detergent and let the magic happen. A little eucalyptus oil added to a load of sheets is said to help kill dust mites.  Tea tree oil works as a natural anti-bacterial, fighting off unpleasant odors and making you feel better about anything extra germ-y you may be washing.  Grease, stain, and odor-fighting powers are boosted by adding citrus oils to any detergent.  Beyond these practical uses, essential oils are beneficial for their scent alone, and make a great, customizable alternative to scented detergent.  Try adding a little lavender oil next time you wash your sheets.  The relaxing scent it leaves behind will have you relaxed and drifting off every night like a dream.


Send Runs Running

Keeping runs out of your pantyhose can seem like an impossible feat, especially if you’re an active modern young woman and not just sitting pretty.  Spraying your gams with hairspray after you’ve donned your legwear is an unexpected but highly effective method for keeping runs at bay when you’re on the run.  It also helps keep your skirt from adhering to your legs with the fervent hold of static cling – in fact, this trick is often used in theatrical dressing rooms to prevent just such cling onstage.  If you do get a run, dab some clear nail polish around the edges to stop it in its tracks.


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