Fun things to do in Las Vegas

If you haven’t yet visited Las Vegas, you’re in for a treat. Vegas is one of those places that you can visit again and again, always having different experiences, meeting new people and having a great time.

I remember my first trip to Vegas like it was yesterday. I barely made my flight, running onto the plane just as they were about to close the doors. As soon as we landed it felt like we were in a fantasyland, with slot machines and ATMS greeting us in the airport.

One of the best things to do in Vegas is to stay for longer than you think you’ll need. It can be tempting to assume you’ll only need a few days in Vegas, but you’ll want to spend time visiting the attractions. Time seems to fly in Vegas, and since all of the casinos are open 24/7, it’s super easy to lose track of what time it actually is.

Your best bet is to stay on the strip. This is where all the fun happens, and Vegas is a lot bigger than you might think- be prepared to spend a lot of time walking between hotels and casinos. You’ll want to stay as central as you can, since then you can easily get to all of the best places.


Accommodation is relatively cheap in Vegas, and when you book in advance you can easily find great deals. Look online and compare some of the big names. If you can stay during the week, you’ll find that the place is still buzzing and full of people, but rates drop dramatically.

One of my favourite things to do in Vegas was eat at the buffets. You’ll usually pay between $20 and $25 if you get the lunch rate at some of the biggest buffets, and lunch usually goes until around 3pm. We would usually sleep in, turn up around 2.30 and spend a couple of hours stuffing our faces. This means you can basically get dinner and lunch at the same time, since you’ll be so full you won’t need to eat later.

The food is great too, with sooo many options. The desserts have to be seen to be believed.

Of course Vegas is also excellent for gambling. Whether you love to gamble or you’re brand new to it, there’s no better place than Las Vegas. Some hotels actually have lessons and will teach you how to play blackjack and poker, so you can then practice your skills that night. While it can be tempting to enjoy the free drinks in the casino, you’re better to gamble with a clear head and imbibe once you’re finished. Set yourself a limit and don’t be tempted into hitting the ATM to “win your money back.”

Above all, have fun! Vegas is an incredible place for a trip, so make sure you enjoy yourself.

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