Getting around in Leeds with Public Transportation

Leeds is a beautiful city and there are many sights in it worth visiting. The public transportation system in Leeds is quite good. Unlike cities where public transport is unreliable and overflowing with people, Leeds has a respectable system which allows you to go from one place to another with comfort and dignity. Public transport in Leeds consists of the usual railway, buses, and taxis. There are also new services available which bring even more convenience than the traditional public transportation options. If you are going to use public transportation then here are our thoughts about the different choices available to you:



The Leeds railway system is much better than what you will find in most of the world. The departures and arrivals are mostly on time. The trains themselves are very well maintained. Even some of the biggest cities in the world have horribly dirty trains so travelling in Leeds in trains is a very refreshing experience.If you are planning to travel using the trains we would highly recommend getting a travelcard that will allow for unlimited for a day/week/month. You will not have to worry about getting a ticket every time you have to travel and the cost is much cheaper this way as well.



The bus system is just as well maintained as the railway system in Leeds. The buses follow a strict schedule and are comfortable to ride in. There are multiple types of passes available for buses in Leeds and they can simplify your travelling by a lot. You can simply see where a bus is headed and hop on it with the right pass instead of getting into a hassle about tickets every time. You can visit the metro website at to see all the tickets and passes are available.

The railway and bus systems are fantastic for locals but if you are planning to tour the city, or if your destination is not in the route of buses or trains then you will be in trouble. The solution to that are taxis.



There are many different taxi services available in Leeds. The traditional ones which are painted black and white are the same as in any other city; they seem to have gotten a bit behind the times. Thankfully there are many other private car hires available who have embraced technology and offer innovative services. The actual problem with these services in Leeds is that there are too many of them. It is hard to find out which one has better rates without having to call all of them and manually comparing prices, which is frustrating to do before you go anywhere.

There is a solution to this as well. A new service has been launched in Leeds (it has been made available all over the UK) which shows you rates from multiple service providers of taxi in Leeds and allows you to book the one you like the most. Instead of installing multiple apps for the many different taxi services you can just use this service and compare them all.

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