Getting The Most Out Of Travel

Travelling can be one of the greatest things that life has to offer. At it’s very best, it gives us perspective, experience, and revitalisation. But what about when the novelty has worn off? When we are very well travelled it can be easy to lose our appreciation for the gifts that travelling has to offer. If we are new to travelling, it can be overwhelming to know how we should appreciate it and what we should emphasise. But with a bit of thought, whether we are a seasoned traveller or a total newbie, we can get the most out of travel. Both at home and abroad.


Be Observant

If we are travelling alone, we might find it easy to blend in and be observant. We should become aware of the quirks and rituals of other cultures. We should attempt to become immersed in the atmosphere and even language of a place. But when travelling in a pair or a group this can perhaps be more difficult. We can become absorbed by the people we are with and forget to look beyond them. We can easily slip into old habits or patterns of thought and may as well have stayed at home! However, we needn’t ditch our friends or spend time alone in order to be observant. Direct the attention of others to what is going on around you. Or suggest that you all try something authentic related to the culture of where you are. We can only really broaden our own mind and experiences by trying to understand the experiences of others. When travelling, try not to think only of yourself and those you are with. Try to experience a new place as a native and observe how they relate to their surroundings.

Go Off The Beaten Track

Wherever we are in the world, there will be famous attractions to visit and things to experience. There may be particularly iconic buildings or activities that we wish to tick off our list, for example. But to really experience the heart of a place, we need to see it through local eyes. Try to explore smaller retailers and hotels in Bali if you’re in the East, for example. Or even stay with a local family. Walk the path that seems less travelled and you might discover something special.


Set Goals

One of best parts of a trip is the chance to be spontaneous. If we’ve managed to escape the daily grind of life and work commitments, we may want to go wherever the wind may take us! But setting goals intelligently can actually give us more freedom. By knowing exactly how much time we have to do the things we really want, we know how much time we have free. Our travel goals may include particular sights we want to see or things we want to do, but they needn’t be external. Some of the most rewarding goals can be personal or internal. We may actually set the goal to be more spontaneous! We may set the goal to try hard to compromise, or not to worry. Whatever our goals, putting effort into achieving them can help us to return rejuvenated. If we feel we have actually made some progress on our trip, it will have been truly meaningful.


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