Getting the right lighting for your home

Lighting in the home is important. Not only does it give us the illumination we need, but it can also subtly influence our moods and even have an impact on our health. For instance, a high wattage bulb can brighten up a room, but the quality of the light can sometimes be too harsh, leaving you with a room that seems more clinical than cosy. Light like this can even induce headaches and put strain on the eyes, so it’s important to get the balance right!

Before we start looking at different rooms, there are two rules you should attempt to follow as standard. The first is to keep in mind the purpose of the room you’re lighting and planning around that. The next thing to remember is that it’s important to use a variety of lighting sources placed a different levels. But now, let’s move on to individual rooms.


Living Room

The living space is where people go to watch television, read, and generally unwind. As this room is multi-purpose, the lighting needs to reflect this. A dimmer switch on the overhead fixture can be ideal for nights when you want to curl up and watch a movie. Light three corners of the room with a combination of table and floor lamps, both shining upwards and downwards.


This space needs to be well lit, with the work surfaces properly illuminated. This allows you to get on with the cooking without any hassle. For the kitchen, focus on adjustable overhead lights and features such as under-cabinet lighting for your different surfaces.

Dining Room

This is where everyone eats, so naturally the dining area should be the focal point in the room. Dining rooms tend to have more elegant, elaborate lighting fixtures in order to add to the ambience, and the lighting should be warm and intimate for memorable and pleasant meals together. A statement fixture combined with strategically placed soft-light lamps works beautifully.



Seeing as this is where you sleep, the lighting is very important. Too much light can lead to over-stimulation, which in turn affects your sleep patterns. Your bedroom lighting should be cosy, and table lamps tend to be very popular in this case. You don’t have to get out of bed to switch the light off, allowing you to read and enjoy the insular atmosphere you’ve created.


If you want to apply makeup, sidelights are great for creating that soft-focus Hollywood look. Add more lights if the space is large, otherwise the bathroom could end up dark and full of shadows, and it’s vital that overhead lighting is in place for proper clarity when cleaning or simply checking yourself in the mirror.

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