Getting Your Home Ready For Summer

Take a look outside your window. What do you see? If it’s a few inches of snow on the ground and a chill in the air, then you’re probably all ready to start reading about the many joys of those long summer days. And we’re here to bring it to you. In fact, we’re going to do more than that. We’re going to tell you how you can start preparing your home to make the very most of the summer months. Ah, we can almost smell the food being cooked on the BBQ from here…


Preparing the Garden

Your garden takes one pretty big beating during winter. Whether there’s snow or not, we usually spend all our time indoors and fail to put enough – or, more likely, any – time into keeping our gardens looking good and healthy. At the first signs of spring, dig out your gardening clothes and start clearing away the damage. You’ll want to get your lawn mower out, and have a recycling bin nearby so you can get rid of all the excess leaves and twigs that have fallen out over winter. Buy a few plants and put them in the ground; they’ll be lovely when the sun comes!

Those Summer Evenings

There are few things better on this planet than unwinding with a glass of wine on a warm summer’s evening. Make your garden the ultimate summer hangout spot with outdoor rattan furniture, which will enable you to lie in the great outdoors until your heart’s content. Invite a few friends around and open a few bottles of fruity, summer wine. There are other additions you can add to your garden too, including fire heaters for when the sun dips and it gets a little bit more chilly; it’ll make the stargazing all the more enjoyable.


Bringing the Fun

It’s been a long cold winter, and unless you’ve got a winter holiday home or managed to go skiing every week then you’re probably in dire need of a few fun occasions with your friends and family, so make sure you’ve fully stocked up your home with all the ingredients for a fun summer’s day. That should include a top class BBQ – nothing’s better than high quality foods straight off the grill! – and frisbees, balls, games, and more. If you think it’s going to be an especially hot summer, get a paddling pool and let the kids cool off. Also, if you don’t have kids then don’t forget about your dog if you have one!

Doors to Outdoor Decking

If you’re interested in a longer term project that will turn your house into a home ripe for summer, look at converting your entrance into your back garden into french doors. When they open up, you’ll have that beautiful half indoor/half outdoor quality that really lets the feel of summer into your home on warm days. Alternatively, a conservatory can add an impressive amount of value to your property. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a home that really brings out all the best summer qualities!


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