Getting your house “ready” for a profitable resale

For most of us- moving into a new house (i.e. buying it) is inevitably preceded by selling off our old house. Modern homebuyers are increasingly depending on enlisting their houses with real estate in order to get the best value for their homes. If you are ready to sell off your house and are getting ready to contact estate agents Surrey then make sure you are availing the following the tips to get your home ready for sale.


Shoring up the resale value of property

Let us tell you that homeowners, from time to time, take variant steps to bolster the resale value of their homes. For instance, you might want to indulge in a major kitchen refurbishment a year and then go on to work on your bathroom the next year. Doing everything together might cost you a lot so the trick is to divide these costs. Home improvement projects not only help you improve the value of your house but enhance your own living experience as well. Here is more about ways in which you can get your home ready for sale.


Let us start off with the kitchen. It is one of the most highly trafficked areas of your home. Most of the work is done here including cutting, cooking and packing of food. Please don’t forget that your prospective buyer will particularly be paying attention to this part of your home. No matter what, if you want to impress your buyer you need to ensure that your kitchen looks roomy. Your buyer should not really feel that there is hardly any space to move around. Even if it’s not a very big kitchen then make sure that it is decluttered and spotless when your buyer is seeing it.



The same with your garage. De-clutter your garage to make it look more spacious because whenever your buyer is seeing it he is not only thinking about his car but the junk that will be stored here as well.

Carpets, closets and more

Don’t forget your carpets, closets and refrigerator as well. Make sure each of these items is spotless. Free your closet of the unnecessary items. Irrespective of whatever it contains it should look organized so the potential buyer can figure out exactly how much the closet can store.

If you can, then invest in new carpets and neutral paint so as to render a new look to your house. Your refrigerator needs to sparkle as well, if you’re selling off the house with the appliances.


If you can invest in a bathroom refurbishment, do consider the same as well. Check out if your bathroom has all the appliances complying with the latest trends and of course general suitability or not.

Let us tell you that getting your house ready for resale does not necessarily have to be a costly affair. You can take the trouble to acquaint yourself with the real cost efficient ways (some are already described above) to bolster the resale value of your home.



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