Gift-Giving Men Are Good Lovers, Science Says. Here’s Why

Guys, this one’s for you. The age old perception of a man is one who is tough, emotionless and disconnected from his sensitive inner self. The truth is, that a giving man, is more in touch with a women’s intimate needs and makes for a much better lover. A genuine man satisfies a woman. Experts agree that men who are great at giving gifts are excellent lovers as well. In this article, you will be provided with several reasons that justify this statement.

A selfless lover is a better lover

By giving to your lover, you show that you do not think about yourself and instead show sensitivity towards her needs and desires. Woman crave intimacy and appreciation. By you being sensitive with gifts shows you are grateful and are constantly taking note of everything she does for you.


Passionate kisses are the norm

Upon giving the ideal gift, you can always expect a romantic kiss. But a gift from the heart results in a kiss that will linger like a slow Waltz. Your lover is mesmerized by your thoughtfulness. Woman are naturally attracted to sensitivity.

Gifts show you acknowledge everything your lover does for you

By giving gifts, men show that they acknowledge their lover’s love and commitment and therefore provide them with gifts that are meaningful, and not necessarily extravagant and expensive. has a wonderful blog with ideas for perfect gifts. Thinking about your lover when buying the perfect gift goes a very long way.

Pleasing a woman with a gift makes for better love making

Woman fear the loss of intimacy. When acknowledged with a romantic gift, they know the fire is still burning. Pleasing a woman gives them pleasure and ultimately makes lovemaking far more intimate and satisfying for both of you.


Oxytocin – The love hormone

When men treat their partner with gifts, like a surprise weekend getaway or day at a spa, the love hormone Oxytocin becomes charged. The effects are obvious, but remember to be original and spice up your choice of gifts.

Pleasure your lover and she will want to pleasure you

The best was kept for last. Gifts express a man’s desire for his lover and, in turn, this appreciation gives his lover pleasure. Your lover will want to give you pleasure in return. Making for a stimulating, intimate bond. She will gladly return the favor with unbreakable admiration.

The benefits of giving gifts to your lover and being a sensitive partner:

  • Passionate lovemaking
  • Heightened levels of intimacy
  • A more attractive demeanor
  • Casanova status
  • Increased level of Oxytocin
  • Two-way pleasurable relationship
  • A caring, longer lasting relationship
  • Pleasurable experience both inside and outside the bedroom

There you have it

So, to all the men out there, these are scientific facts. Feelings of desire, admiration, and passion are all sparked from the brain and can easily be triggered by buying gifts. Be sympathetic and aware of your partner’s feelings and you will naturally become a better lover. As proven above, gifts provide more than an object showing your affection, it actually makes you an object of affection. Get hold of gifts at every opportunity. Take these points earnestly and be known by your partner as an authentic man, intimate lover and cherished Casanova. Let’s make the change boys!






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