Gifts Everyone Would Love

Are you almost pulling your hair out trying to think of a gift to buy that person who has everything already, or for a colleague? It can be very stressful, especially when you want to make a good impression and buy something memorable. So where to start? Well I’ve made this list of helpful gift ideas to get you inspired.


A Hamper 

This is especially great during the festival period, but who would turn down a hamper at any time of the year? Certainly not me! Hampers make the perfect gift¬†because not only are they thoughtful, they’re practical too. They suit a number of occasions such as birthdays, living gifts, pregnancy or new baby gifts and so on. The options are unlimited. Any time you want to show someone you’re thinking of them, a hamper is the perfect solution.

Lotto Tickets

Want to give a gift that could potentially be even bigger? Lotto tickets. They’re fun, can build a real sense of suspense and can go perfectly inside a card. Of course, maybe not the most appropriate gift for someone who’s younger, they can be a fun addition to another gift.


Restaurant Vouchers

With the economy how it is, we’re able to eat out less and less. The belts are tightening. As such, going out to dinner is really a special occasion for most. This is a really special gift as it encourages the receiver to go out and have some fun. Perfect for new parents who might need an ‘excuse’ to get some quality time together and to have breather from the new bundle of joy.


Is your friend a lover of fast cars, hot air balloons, bungy jumpee? Whatever, the list goes on and on. If you know that your friend, workmate or family member really wants to try something, why not look into a voucher for an experience. If it’s expensive, you can ask a few people to pitch in and keep costs competitive.

A Book

Most of us don’t read enough, I certainly don’t. There’s nothing quite like curling up on a sofa or in a hammock and digesting a wonderfully written book. Books are relatively inexpensive and can be extremely thoughtful. Consider adding in an exchange card with the book so if it’s not quite on the mark, the receiver can change it for something else. This is a perfect option for people of all ages.

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