Go Online: Life Changing Technology

It may seem like mobile phones, the internet, and social media platforms have been around forever, but actually, it’s only been in the last twenty years, or so that technology has taken hold of our lives. Before then if you needed to talk to someone you’d need to place a call or write a letter and the world seemed much larger. Now gadget lovers flock eagerly to expos such as E3, you can get your tickets for this year’s LA event at https://www.e3expo.com/. Come see for yourself what new advancements are being made in the digital sphere, as global firms battle it out to woo us into spending our hard earned cash.

Video Stream


It began with camera phones that could take pictures, humble images that were fuzzy, low quality and often unable to be used due to poor pixel quality. However, designers gradually improved lenses increased the number of pixels and created built-in software that could automatically sharpen images. This year you can be sure all the major players will be focusing on video streaming, improving both playback speeds and incorporating technology that allows us more choice of where, when and what to watch than ever before!

Listen Up!


Last year saw the launch of friendly, entirely artificial voice assistants as some of the biggest names in technology took voice activation to the next level, bringing smart speakers into our home. Now instead of looking something up ourselves, all we need to do is ask our friendly ‘virtual’ assistant what the weather’s like, to give us the news headlines or find out if our morning commute is going to be affected by train problems or not!

Security Check


Government approved software tracks our online footprints, security protocols are becoming more stringent, and our virtual identities must be guarded as it’s becomes clearer our online lives should be kept just as secure as physical belongings. It’s suggested that all passwords should be a complex mix of digits and numbers and never written down, while wi-fi connections should always be private so outsiders can’t access home networks. If you aren’t sure how to update your security settings it may be worth visiting http://www.verizonfiosdeals.com/ as well as seeing how a reliable, fast network could benefit your home. Remember, facial recognition, thermal imaging cameras, full body scans and advanced fingerprint technology have been designed to protect us so you should never feel nervous about them.

Clean Bill Of Health


In years gone by if you weren’t feeling well you would book a doctor’s appointment straight away. Nowadays, we’re more likely to check our symptoms on http://www.webmd.com/ before ringing our local surgery and innovation in the health sector shows no sign of stopping. Robots are now capable of performing complex operations while AI doctors are already being used to diagnose minor illnesses. Healthy eating, sleep loggers, and exercise related apps are now commonplace, but industry insiders suggest that digital trackers are about to explode in other areas of our lives such as mental health, alcohol levels, spending habits and how much we’re socializing!

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