Got a parcel to send this Christmas? Here’s a handy guide to Sending Parcels during the Christmas Period

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, couriering companies deliver millions of parcels to homes across the UK. The rise of online shopping over the last decade has caused this figure to spiral, and clothing, tools, and much more all wing their way to us with the help of hard-working transport outfits.

However, there are few things more disappointing than sending parcels only to have them arrive too late to open on Christmas Day. We all want the people that we love to receive their gifts in time to really enjoy them, and this means that understanding the etiquette of sending items during the festive period is incredibly important.

To make sure that you get it right, here’s a quick how to guide to help you get ready this Christmas…


Step One: Check the Latest Recommended Posting Dates

Before you buy any items that will need to be sent in the mail, it’s really important to check that they will arrive on time. Private couriering companies may have different cut-off points for ensuring a timely delivery, so you’ll need to check individual websites to find out what these are. If you’re sending via Royal Mail, however, then have a quick look on their website to find the information that you need. For UK deliveries, you’re looking at a cut-off of date of the 19th December for 2nd class packages, and the 21st December for those that are sent 1st class and allow extra time for international deliveries.


Step Two: Wrap and Pack Your Item

Provided that you still have time to send your items, take care to ensure that they’re properly wrapped and packed. Anything that is breakable should be wrapped in bubble wrap or a similar protective substance, and placed inside a box or package that offers a snug fit to stop it from moving around. For any other items, ensure that the envelope or box that you use is made of a tough and durable material that won’t rip, and seal it carefully to ensure that everything stays where it should.

Step Three: Choose the Right delivery Service

Thirdly and finally, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right service. As we mentioned above, different delivery options have varying cut-off dates, so you need to make sure that the one you pick will deliver your item on time. You’ll also find that there are certain item classes that will require a special service, with larger items being a prime example. Where these are too big or worth too much to entrust to the ordinary mail service, specialist couriers like TNT Direct are likely to be a better option, offering a premier package for you to rely on.

Make sure that your gifts are where they’re meant to be this Christmas with our handy little guide.

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