Great Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is a land steeped in cultural and religious history, and attracts thousands of visitors from around the world all year round. Travelling to Morocco is, in some ways, like stepping back in time, and is the perfect location for those interested in experiencing Eastern and Islamic culture first hand.

For travellers of all backgrounds and preferences, Morocco is an absolute must, and with fantastic package deals available from companies like Wexas, it’s easier than ever to experience its incredible sights first hand. If you’re considering visiting Morocco, then here are some highlights and hidden gems that would be ideal for the perfect travel experience in North Africa.


For City Lovers – Fez

This medieval city is an iconic one, and an absolute must for visitors to Morocco. Fez is regarded as Morocco’s cultural capital and has become one the country’s biggest attractions over the last decade or so, overtaking even Marrakech in popularity. The people of Morocco are very hospitable and welcoming to visitors,

Fez is known for its walls and labyrinthine structure, and wandering down the streets will take you to some wonderful sights, from stunning fountains and live music to museums and palaces. Fez is a vibrant and thriving city with so much to offer, the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae.


For Nature lovers – Cascades D’ouzoud

These dramatic waterfalls are an incredible site of natural beauty and a great example of Morocco at its finest. Ouzoud translates to ‘the act of grinding grain,’ and is located in lush, green surroundings only a few hours away from Marrakech.

If you go in the mid to late afternoon then you’re more likely to see the rainbows that appear over the falls, and you can also enjoy the café’s, drink stands and standing pools. Cascades D’ouzoud, while a popular visitor spot, offers an uncommercial and natural experience, making it ideal for lovers of natural wonders. You can even rent out a tent and stay at the falls overnight.


For Culture Lovers – Kasbah Telouet

Often unfairly overlooked by travellers, the Kasbah Telouet in an evocative and fascinating historical site that is perfect for people looking to experience the forgotten stories of Morocco. While tourists tend to go straight to Ait Benhaddou, Telouet offers its own wonders, including beautiful mosaics.

Kasbah Telouet is slowly becoming more popular, but if you want to experience a true hidden gem in Morocco then this is the place for you.

Morocco is a land of wonders, manmade and natural alike, and there’s no better time to start planning your trip there.



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