Greece Is The Word! Amazing Greek Islands You Have To Visit Now

Are you ready for an end-of-year break? Once December hits and brings its bad weather, many people start to think about planning a break to get away and enjoy some winter sun. For most people, Greece is high up on the list of the best countries for great winter weather. Ready to holiday like a celeb and escape for some winter sun this December? Well, why not head to a Greek Island! There are lots of Greek islands to choose from, each with their very own character. Not sure which one to pick? Here are some of the best!



Mykonos is one of Greece’s most glamorous islands and is known for being one of the best party islands. So if you want to experience some amazing nightlife that will see you partying until the early hours, this is the place to be! However, it isn’t just a party destination. There are many Mykonos Villas situated in the hills on the island. And this charming accommodation places visitors close to some amazing hiking trails. Many people also stay on Mykonos to be close to the island of Delos, which is famous for its archaeological site.


Rhodes has everything you want from a Greek island. There are endless stretches of beach and plenty of woodland to explore. Not only that, though, but it is also rich in history. Head to the island’s Old Town and stroll around the narrow streets. You’ll be instantly transported back to the ancient times when you are walking up and down its quaint cobbled streets! Head to the town of Lindos to enjoy some traditional Greek dishes in its tavernas.



If you like the idea of trying out lots of different watersports, think about staying on the island of Kos. Go to the beach at Kefalos if you want to have fun windsurfing and fishing. You can try your kitesurfing skills at the beach at Mastichari. Want to explore some Greek history? There is plenty of that on Kos! You just need to travel to Pyli to explore ruins and castles.


Zakynthos is one of the Ionian Greek Islands, which are renowned for their incredibly scenic sandy beaches. The island of Zakynthos features many secluded bays and beaches, some of which are only accessible by boat. So this is a great island to go to if you want to experience a holiday that feels like you are on a desert island! If you stay on the Vasilikos peninsula, you will be right next to expansive woodland, which is perfect for hikes. Just remember to try and stay off the southern coast. This is a major party zone and is normally only frequented by young backpackers and students.

These are only four of the plethora of Greek Islands. This list may feature some of the best, but remember that there are loads more to choose from! If you can’t decide between them all, we recommend you starting off with on mentioned in this blog post. After all, if you enjoy it, you can always go back and visit a different one another time!


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