Hacks For Getting Work When You’ve Got A DUI

Not all of us have a perfect past, or one that we’re proud of. And yet, many of us continued to be stifled by things we regret doing. Nowhere do we experience this more keenly than in the world of work. Unless somebody knows us, they won’t touch us with a bargepole. Sure, we might be a great candidate. But all hiring managers have to go on is paperwork. We might have a perfect 4.0-grade point average. And we might have plenty of experience. But so might the next guy. And he hasn’t got a DUI on his record.

The good news is that things are changing, if only out of necessity. About 50 percent of hiring managers said that they had hired somebody with a criminal record. There’s a recognition out there that people who have criminal records often just messed up. It doesn’t speak to their character. But there’s also some bad news. Back before the financial crisis hit, applicants could expect to get a ten percent response rate to CV applications. In other words, for every ten CVs they send out, they’d get one back. Now they have to send out a hundred to get one back. Background, in other words, still counts for a lot.

So what can we do to get work even if we’ve got a DUI on our record?


Find An Attorney

It’s the weeks and months after you get pulled over which are the most important when it comes to your DWI defence. The DWI attorney who proved my innocence said that DUIs don’t necessarily result in a conviction. There are many ways that you can escape charges in a perfectly legitimate way. If police procedures are not up to scratch, for instance, it may be that they got it wrong that you were over the limit. And so it’s important you don’t ruin your job prospects over an administrative error. If you can, fight the charges today.

Perform Due Diligence

Employers will often ask for your social security number. From this number, they can find out everything about you. That includes the parking ticket you got five years ago. But according to statistics, about 70 percent of background checks have some form of error. It’s important, therefore, that you spend time vetting your own record. Make sure that it doesn’t contain erroneous information that could ruin your chances of getting work.

Say What You’ve Learned From The Incident

Employers don’t like employees who have DUIs. But they do like employees that are honest. It’s never a good idea to gloss over something like drunk driving. But the situation can still be turned around. When you speak to a prospective company, tell them what you learned from your DUI. Tell them about how it changed you as a person and made you more responsible. And say how now you’ve overcome challenges. The company’s HR department is bound to find out anyway. So be upfront and try to make the most of it. You’ll come off better than if you try to scrub it under the rug.

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