Handy tips for Shipping and delivering packages to Europe

Sending goods to Europe from the UK mainland is relatively straight forward. Whether you have friends living abroad, need to send a family member a birthday present or just keep in touch with an old friend, now it’s easier than ever to ship to Europe. With the majority of European countries part of the European Union, there’s no need for customs declarations to be signed and postage is relatively cheap. Here are some handy tips to make shipping to Europe as simple as possible:


Check for prohibited items

Each country has its own individual items which are prohibited. It’s important to check these before sending a parcel just to be on the safe side. Many countries have similar rules to the UK but remember that not all countries within Europe are part of the EU. Countries such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey are not subject to the same regulations, but still fall within Europe so it’s always best to do some extra research before shipping there as there may be additional costs and charges involved.

Clearly address packages

Clearly labelling your packages is paramount, even down to the name of the country the parcel is headed. Write it on at the bottom of the address in capitals to be clear. The Universal Postal Union has guides on addressing postage to many countries so check there before labelling yours up to be 100% sure.


Packing your Parcel

Ensuring that you’ve packaged your parcel correctly is vital. Remember to always use packaging which protects the item from damages or leaks and always include a second label inside the packaging in case the outer layer gets damaged. On top of this, remember to include a return address label in case the package goes missing.

Use the cheapest courier

There are many different courier services you can use to send parcels to Europe. Using a service like the one offered by Parcel2go that compares a wide range of delivery courier companies and matches your delivery requirements means that you can guarantee you’re getting the best possible deal with an expert courier service. The lowest price guarantee means you’re sure to get the best price and you can negotiate the timing of the delivery, too.

A customs entry is mandatory for all countries outside of the EU so remember to include one if you’re shipping to a country in Europe but not included in the EU. Shipping is straightforward when you use an experienced courier service who can source the best price and advise you on any potential problems.

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